Release 2.1.3

Posted by Joe (joe) on Jun 25 2009
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Version 2.1.3 of FrontAcounting has been released and is available on Sourceforge.

These are the main topics in 2.1.3

  • Layout improvements in sales order and exchange rate forms.
  • Closed dimensions showed up in lists.
  • Service items now use COGS account instead of Inventory Account.
  • Download backup was broken.
  • Fixed On Order and demand to also include BOM items (by Tom Moulton)
  • Included On Order on Stock Check Sheet, and option to show Shortage
  • Nested subaccounts now shown correctly in COA, Monthly Breakdown, Balance Sheet and P&L Statement.
  • Changed to present reference number in Print Invoices/Credit Notes if global $print_invoice_no = 0.
  • More restrictions on deleting locations.
  • More restrictions on Advanced Manufacture Production when out of stock for requirements.
  • Changed Advanced Manufacturing payments to be more flexible and simpler. Removed from Payment.
  • Changed the Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss Statement and Monthly Breakdown to follow IAS specifications.
  • Smart Error logging by switching on a variable.
  • Better support for packing of supplier items. Working conversion factor.
  • Code clean up.

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