Release 2.1.1

Posted by Joe (joe) on Mar 30 2009
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Version 2.1.1 of FrontAcounting has been released and is available on Sourceforge. This bugfix release closes following problems found since 2.1.0 version:

Business logic fixes:

  • [0000121] Error during qoh calculations.
  • [0000125] Sql error when creating credit note.
  • Fixed display of unsufficient quantities in sales docs.
  • Fixed quick entry amount update on list change.
  • [0000120] SQL Error when leaving Default Rate: blank when adding Tax Types.

Display/ui fixes:

  • [0000126] 'Invoice' words on credit note document.
  • Fixed keyboard access issue after AltTab usage.
  • Broken currency section after date change.
  • Wrong price decimals in Report Salesman Listing.
  • Bad thousand/decimal formatting in XLS reports.(OpenOffice).
  • [0000124] Cannot add exchange rate <1 when comma is set as dec separator.
  • Fixed item picture display after upload, fixed item image filenames. Option to remove image.
  • Truncation bug when inserting/updating entered supplier credit limit.


  • Fixed problems with cash invoices created after db upgrade to version 2.1.
  • Updated gettext language template.

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