Release 2.0.7

Posted by Joe (joe) on Feb 03 2009
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Last release in the series 2.0.X now available at Sourceforge.

[0000097] Can't void freehand customer credit note.
[0000098] Unable issue of credit note for invoice with removed item lines.
[0000099] New line added to inventory transfer/adjustment sometimes overwrites old one.
[0000100] Keep getting left allocated weird results (rounding problems).
[0000102] Credit note was stored without entered shippment cost and comment.
[0000103] Error during save of modified freehand credit note.
Fixed an accounting sync in GL when adding bank account transactions (no customer/supplier trans)
[0000104] minor language updates in a few sales files
Numeric check on class id added.
[0000111] Accounts on Credit Hold can still process delivery notes on sales order and invoicing
[0000112] It shows invoices as overdue still (in red), even though its been payed and allocated

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