FrontAccounting Wins an Award from SourceForge

Posted by Joe (joe) on Mar 03 2022
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FrontAccounting Wins an Award from SourceForge

Hi FrontAccounting,

Congratulations! FrontAccounting has just been recognized with the following awards by SourceForge:

Community Leader
Community Choice
Open Source Excellence
SourceForge Favorite

These honors are awarded only to select projects that have reached significant milestones in terms of downloads and user engagement from the SourceForge community.

This is a big achievement, as your project has qualified for these awards out of over 500,000 open source projects on SourceForge. SourceForge sees nearly 30 million users per month looking for, and developing, open source software. These award badges will now appear on your project page, and the award assets can be found in your project admin section.

To recognize FrontAccounting’s achievement, we’ve awarded you with the aforementioned awards, which you can see below:
Now that FrontAccounting is an official winner of the these awards, you have express permission to use the award badges wherever you’d like.

Feel free to proudly display the awards on your personal or organizational website, social media, or anywhere else you’d like.

Congrats again on winning and keep doing amazing work because SourceForge and our users appreciate it!


The SourceForge Team

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