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Posted by Joe (joe) on Nov 18 2009
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A Wiki for documentation, context sensitive help and developer sections have been established at:

Please read the instructions in Wiki GuideLines carefully to follow the structure for working with this Wiki.

For editing you will have to use the same username and password as from the Website Forum. If you are a Member you will have access to editing the Main and Help groups.

Please have a look at how the initial pages are set up.

There are several group of pages defined. Site (setup pages e.g. left side bar), Main (the initial documentation), Help (this is also direct accessable from a FrontAccounting Installation where the $help_base_url in config.php is set to ""). This is some kind of a Global Help Wiki. There is also a group for Devel (developers section for discussion and news about development).

We have changed status of some forum Members on the Forum to Senior Memeber. The selection is only our guess (based on forum activity) about who is more interested in development and/or other form of contributions like FA technical documentation. The list of Senior Members is in no way closed, and if you was not included in the group but you feel you should please send us a note via forum mailer, then we fix this situation asap. The only benefit for being Senior Member for now are edition rights granted in Devel section. Today we have a total of 10 Senior Members and 2 Administrators, Janusz and me.

Primarily we are interested in setting up the English content first, but we have established flags for selecting German, French, Spanish, Polish, Danish, Swedish, Dutch and Arabic languages. More to come later. There are page templates for most of these languages. Currently page templates are maintained by administrators. If you want to take care of any language specific page template ask administrators, and they will set edition rights to it for you.

We are also addressing this to all the Translators to kindly contribute to the wiki.

Hopefully we can get this wiki up in good shape and as soon as possible. It is strongly needed by the community.

Joe Hunt


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