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Posted by Joe (joe) on Jan 29 2013
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Hello All,

Following the good experience we have with the FrontAccounting demo version, which is available online already for more than seven years, we're  starting offering FrontAccounting end-user dedicated environments available online.
The online service is dedicated to those of you who like FrontAccounting, and don't want to spend time on the software maintenace (installation, updates etc.), and just wish to start the private environment in just few minutes.

If you like the idea, please try it for free (the service is ready). You should be able to start using the service immediately.

Striving for the quality of the service we're going to offer, we decided that it will be paid service, with small monthly fee ... and the especially good news for any concerned with that is that with the initial promotion it will be available for one month for free.

Please note that
The plan will have no affect in any way on the developement and availability of the sourceforge (GPL) version of FrontAccounting, and even more, we expect to observe a synergy between both versions resulting in quicker development of the FrontAccounting system in general.

Best Regards
FrontAccounting team

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