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Good update dude. Keep rocking with changes. There are some real time users are there. They can feedback you in better way to get it.


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@deamosin, You have done a good job with it.

Looks like there is an error in your update.sql file.

 CREATE TABLE `0_shipments` (
  `shipment_id` int(11) NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT;  #here the bug
  `trans_no` int(11) NOT NULL DEFAULT '0',

to be

CREATE TABLE `0_shipments` (
  `shipment_id` int(11) NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT,
  `trans_no` int(11) NOT NULL DEFAULT '0',

and also add a readme for users to understand it.  And also You have an options table to record the status of shipment, thats good.  But you can provide an option to change them, otherwise, you can keep them in an array and show it here. If you provide an option to change it, it would be great for the users.

now a days the shipment should be further connected with shipping company api to get the status of goods movement. This is possible with help of shipping companies tracking API.

Overall its nice feature that you tried.

@joe, i think it can be added to core extensions repository for other users.

@joe  has the point. Simply goto banking and general ledger. Under maintenance you can see GL account classes. Just edit to remove the account classes used with cogs. It's done.

Alright, you can get some other idea from any other expert in our community. Let's wait for it

Most probably the class is used in sales. If it's used, you will be in trouble.

There are two possible ways.

1. Change it with customer ( debtors_master ) table.
2. Customer branch level.

But both are really a bit of tricky and lengthen the process.

You need to record the currency in debtor trans tables and it's customer allocations table.

So you need to pass it overall sales module to get it working.

As of current situation, we dont have option to do that. may be do it like this.

make the GRN and goto "Supplier Invoice" ,
there you can able to add the items that you already added them in GRN. and you can able to input the GL entries to use it. Here you can enter in Supplier currency as well. That will automatically convert to company currency while making system entry into it.  But you should set the supplier currency clearly.

And if you want to do this many times means, add quick entry. Banking and General Ledger ->Quick Entries . Than you can get it easily. Hope this helps to solve your problem.


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its comming from /themes/default/renderer.php or the theme that you have

/themes/yourtheme/renderer.php  find help.gif or _('Help'). then it should be like this

$himg = "<img src='$local_path_to_root/themes/".user_theme()."/images/help.gif' style='width:14px;height:14px;border:0;vertical-align:middle;'' alt='"._('Help')."'>&nbsp;&nbsp;";

just change it to


that's it.


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Looks like the fiscal years might not be updated. kindly check with fiscal year setup and if its right date. it will work.

even if it failed to work, enable debugging mode and get the issue error messages. we can assist you better.

You can query on gl_trans table. With respect to account code, you will retrieve all transactions

You can knock me for the support dude.


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This we can do it without touching the core. You have edited most important files of fa.


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To change the drop down to text box.

Just goto config.php and there you simply edit this to true.

$text_company_selection = true;  // it was false before change it to true


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My themes Saai, LTE,  Vanigam has this feature. You can refer here at Saai theme Kvcodes


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Once you deliver the order . You have to invoice from the delivery. Not from order. Just goto customer transaction inquiry and select the specific customer and select type as customer delivery.  Than you can get the delivery lists there. From there find the right delivery and there is in icon to proceed from delivery to invoice.

This way you can invoice it.


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A good effort with chart js.  We have to add a feature like widgets to move. Change widgets. Also update us here what's sofar ready with 2.5  if you have any development ideas just propose it to community developers. We will contribute the development. It will be organised finally to make the 2.5 perfect one.


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Yes, open the /lang/installed_languages.php, you can see the encode. Change it to utf-8. And the logout and login to your fa. Try now. It will work fine.

The issue looks like within softaculous issue . The direct fa version you many not use there. It was modified by the softaculous team and updated for you to use it.

But you can try to download from frontaccounting site and unzip it to there.  And be sure for the config.php and config_db.php . Then the issue will be fixed.


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I think you need to check the sales kit.  Create a sales kit with quantity of 12 of an item.

1. Closing fiscal year will close the gl entires. There after you can't make new entries into the system.

2. The retained earnings will be put another journal entry on next fiscal year. I think so it works like expected. But I am not sure.  You can test it urself..

Create new fiscal year and put one purchase and sales invoices.  Than close that fiscal year and see the journal entries in next year. If you see anything new. And just check the balance from last year. You can get it.


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Hey guys,

I have this feature in my themes like you can have separate page as master login.  There you can define the login companies for an user. With that. When an user logins. He can see the list of companies that he can access.  With that if he select another company from the drop down. That will make you to login to the selected company and you don't need to logout and login again.

If the item is a service. We can't manufacture with FA.

Are you sure? 
Did you see the service item inside work order ?

There is a function get comment string. From there if you pass the trans no and type. It will get you the comment. After that create a column in rep101.php and add this value to it.


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Oh ok. I got your point. You can make it very well. I already wrote an article to setup different taxes to one customer.  That's the usage of tax groups here. You can refer my article from here. This is possible with  help of tax groups and item tax types. You need to play around more on this to get it work on.


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@trainer2008, I am not sure I understand your point clearly. But I guess it would work.

You can create 7% and 5% taxes in tax page. After that create one item tax type with both taxes.

And goto tax groups. Create one tax group for supplier to buy it for 5% and another to sell it with 7%.

Than goto customers create a customer and select 7% tax group to it. And create one supplier with 5% tax group. After that you can use it in both places.

Hopes this helps to solve your problem.