Quite a few typos in language strings exist in FrontAccounting and many have been a legacy carryover from parent code. It is not as simple as correcting them in the core because, these strings are the reference for translated strings in various languages including various English dialects.

Use Cases

  • This list is primarily to assist concerted action in future to safely correct such typos.
  • Sometimes these typos act as easy search elements while coding.
  • It can also be used in non-decisive forensics.

All these strings certainly will be in lang/new_language_template/LC_MESSAGES/empty.po

List of strings and the other files using them

  • Cancel any quantites not delivered => Cancel any quantities not delivered
    • includes/ui/
    • Other files having the word quantities alone misspelled as quantites but only in comments are
      • purchasing/po_receive_items.php
      • manufacturing/work_order_entry.php