The above are common scenarios where we would like to be able to tinker with reporting in FrontAccounting and this is what this pages strives to fulfil.

The RegGen extension was hacked in to work in a rudimentary manner and was originally made for a much earlier version of FA. It is not very secure and can at best be used for development purposes in a trusted secure environment.

Reports and Layouts in FA

The following notes are to act as a general guide for code and layout information:

  1. The reporting/includes/ file contains elements of the top portion of any standard report.
  2. The reporting/includes/ obtains all the variables needed for the reports
  3. The actual reporting/repXXX.php file contains the body of the report where line items are listed.
  4. The reporting/includes/ has the FA reporting classes and common includes
  5. The reporting/reports_main.php file has the form elements that tailor the report (filter choices)
  6. The reporting/includes/ file has the code for Non Field DB Data where many key#value pairs delimited by # and space separated are placed in some large text field and parsed out on demand. This needs to be backported for v2.3 or taken from the unofficial GitHub's FAMods folder.

The first 3 above can also act as company overrides by placing them in the appropriate company/#/ folder.

Data Source dependencies for FA Reporting

Mods for FA Core Reports

Forum Discussions on FA Reporting