Void a transaction.

Setup > Maintenance > Void a transaction


  • select Type
  • select reference number range and click Search
  • click Modify icon aside a document
  • click Void Transaction on the bottom
  • confirm by clicking Proceed

Tips and Tricks

Voiding a transaction cannot be undone. Make a database copy before.

Remember when voiding a Supplier Invoice, the underlying PO Delivery is NOT voided. This is because a Supplier Invoice can comprise of several PO Deliveries.

If you want to void it all then this is a 2 step operation.

1. First void the Supplier Invoice
2. Then void the PO delivery(ies).

Voiding a Sales Invoice

  • Void of a sales invoice does not void the sales order.
  • You can reuse the same sales order.
  • You do not have to type those already input again except for quantities.
  • Void of a direct invoice (auto generated delivery) clears the quantities in the sales order.
  • Void of a manual invoice does not clear the quantities in the sales order.

Thus, to edit a sales invoice:

  1. Void the invoice.
  2. If the sales invoice was a manual invoice, void the delivery (void of a direct invoice auto-voids the delivery).
  3. Edit the sales order and process
  4. Process the delivery
  5. Process the invoice

In summary, FA does not prevent the edit of an invoice. It just requires more steps.