Add or Edit User Accounts for your FrontAccounting Installation. When installed only the Super Administrator account is created by default. All other role based accounts need to be added by the Sys Admin.


To Add a New User Account

  1. Type in the new user login name in the field for User Login:
  2. Type in the password for this User in the Password: field
  3. Type in the Full Name of the User in the Full Name: field
  4. Type in the Telephone No. of the User in the Telephone No.: field
  5. Type in the Email address of the User in the Email Address: field
  6. Select the appropriate access level for the User from the Access Level: pull down menu. To change the access level for each role edit/add the roles in Access Setup link in Setup.
  7. Select the appropriate language for the User from the Language: pull down menu
  8. Select the appropriate Points of Sales location for the User from the User's POS: pull down menu
  9. Select the appropriate Print Profiles for the User from the Printing profile: pull down menu
  10. Turn on/off the Use pop up window for reports: check box. Turn this option on if your browser supports PDF files.
  11. Click on Add New to add the User.

To disable an User

  • Setup => User Accounts Setup
  • Tick the Show also Inactive checkbox
  • The Inactive column with the checkboxes will now appear for non admin users.
  • Tick the Inactive checkbox for the user to deactivate.
  • Untick the Show also Inactive checkbox so as not to inadvertantly enable/disable users.

Tips and Tricks

  • For security reasons enable User Setup and Access levels edition in Super Administrator's profile only.
  • If you need to use FA whilst travelling, you may want to add an additional user account with a 'limited access role'; reducing the number of options available will be less distracting and make the interface more user friendly especially if your device has a small screen. you can always log out and log back in with your 'normal' username should you require additional functionality.