Define the reference format for each kind of transaction.


References usually contain a number and optionally a special field. Special fields include:

        {MM} date month
        {YY} date 2 digit year
        {YYYY} date 4 digit year
        {UU} user
        {P} pos


        auto increment reference number will start from 17

Not yet implemented:

        {C} customer - Forum Post
        {B} branch
        {S} supplier
        {L} location

Supported special fields for each transaction type:

        ST_JOURNAL => array('date', 'user'),
        ST_COSTUPDATE => array('date', 'user'),

        ST_BANKPAYMENT => array('date', 'user'),
        ST_BANKDEPOSIT => array('date', 'user'),
        ST_BANKTRANSFER => array('date', 'user'),
        ST_SUPPAYMENT => array('date', 'user'),
        ST_CUSTPAYMENT => array('date', 'user'),

        ST_SALESORDER => array('date', 'customer', 'branch', 'user', 'pos'),
        ST_SALESQUOTE => array('date', 'customer', 'branch', 'user', 'pos'),
        ST_SALESINVOICE => array('date', 'customer', 'branch', 'user', 'pos'),
        ST_CUSTCREDIT => array('date', 'customer', 'branch', 'user', 'pos'),
        ST_CUSTDELIVERY => array('date', 'customer', 'branch', 'user', 'pos'),

        ST_LOCTRANSFER => array('date', 'location', 'user'),
        ST_INVADJUST => array('date', 'location', 'user'),

        ST_PURCHORDER => array('date', 'location', 'supplier', 'user'),
        ST_SUPPINVOICE => array('date', 'location', 'supplier', 'user'),
        ST_SUPPCREDIT => array('date', 'location', 'supplier', 'user'),
        ST_SUPPRECEIVE => array('date', 'location', 'supplier', 'user'),

        ST_WORKORDER => array('date', 'location', 'user'),
        ST_MANUISSUE => array('date', 'location', 'user'),
        ST_MANURECEIVE => array('date', 'user'),

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