Dimensions are used to track departments, cost/profit/investment centers, or projects within a company. For example, you may have several cost centers like Research and Development, Customer Service, and Marketing that you want to track. Or, you may want to track several projects over a specific time period.

Dimensions are separated into levels:

  • 0 - No Levels: Suitable for entrepreneurs or companies not interested in this feature.
  • 1(default) - One Level: For companies who only need to track one type of dimension. Useful if you want to track projects or departments only.
  • 2 - Two Levels: For companies who need to track more than one type of dimension, like both projects and cost centers.


  1. Decide on how many levels you require for your company then access Company Setup under the Setup tab. By default, only one level is set.
  2. Add a new dimension. Remember to setup the dimension under the correct level.
  3. Set the time-frame for which the dimension should be active.
  4. Assign the dimension as default for Items you want to use in sales/purchase documents.

Tips and Tricks

Dates in a dimension are only for information purposes. Close a dimension if you want to stop allocating documents against it.