Generate a credit note for customer reimbursement.


Enter each line item as if a Sales Order were being entered. If the material is to be returned to stock, select the correct option from the Credit Note Type combo-box and location/warehouse it is being be returned to. Otherwise (Items Written Off), if material is NOT going to be returned to stock (credit only) select the GL Account to be adjusted.

If there is no material involved and a mere credit note is desired to be passed on to a customer by way of say discount amount in settlement after the invoice was raised, there is no place to enter the amount other than in Shipping. It is possible to create a dummy service item assigned with negative amount during Customer Credit Note creation to accommodate this situation.

Tips and Tricks

If some material will be returned to stock, but others won't, they will need to be on separate credit notes.

To issue a refund to a customer:

  1. Create the credit note as above
  2. Banking and General Ledger->Payments
  3. Select the bank account, customer to issue to the payment, and the amount of the credit.
  4. Sales->Allocate Customer Payments or Credit Notes
  5. Allocate the payment to the credit note