To get a CSV dump of, say, a price list from the CLI with a command like:


or possibly

 php price_list.csv.php > price_list.csv

In the above, the file price_list.csv.php is not a frontaccounting file (as yet) and is used as an example only.

This article explores the use of cURL to do the same in FA without getting stumped by session issues.


In FrontAccounting, use the form field names in access/login.php

 curl -F 'user_name_entry_field=<username>' -F 'password=<password>' -F 'company_login_name=<company number>' url

will allow to log each request.

To keep a session alive (easier for manual request) use, the -c and -b option of curl, ie.,

 curl -c my_session -F 'user_name_entry_field=<username>' -F 'password=<password>' -F 'company_login_name=<company number>' url

for the first time only and thereafter reuse the cookie stored in my_session, ie.,

 curl -b my_session url