Add Contact List with phone and email to put on supplier/customer branchesDone (Janusz)

Decrement reference values when voiding document (reuse reference) Done (Janusz)

Automatic voiding of underlying auto /SO/DN when voiding direct Deliveries and Invoices. Done (Joe)

Chart of account selection from packages available in central repository - both for installation and new company creation.

Implement tax included pricelist support in purchasing module, and per supplier type of price list selection.

Allocation of prepayments - payment can be allocated to SO/PO and is later automatically allocated to related Sales/Purchase Invoice. (Janusz)

Contracts implementation - for contracted customers recurrent invoices issued at the end of invoicing period should also select all additional deliveries made during a period. (Janusz)

New central secure package repository. Packages (extensions, themes, languages..) will be selected to be installed/removed by admin without need for additional manual parameters entry. Done, tests needed (Janusz) Working.

Revenue / Cost Accruals module included in 2.3 core. Done (Joe).