• Some Inquiry pages in FrontAccounting can be quite long
  • Splitting across multiple pages is available
  • The number of lines displayed on each page is globally set
  • A lot of lines on each page makes for fewer page clicks
  • Long pages need to be scrolled when it exceeds device display height
  • The top header lines will move off the top of the display when scrolling down
  • To still be able to see the headers we can inject them into the table every say 10 lines.
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How Paging Works

  • The function display_db_pager() defined in includes/ui/db_pager_view.inc is responsible for almost all tabular paged displays in FA.
  • All Inquiries in FA use the files in the XXX/inquiry/ folder.
  • Changes to the core function display_db_pager() will affect all tabular displays in FrontAccounting.
  • Clone the said function and then call it in the desired inquiry files to affect only those pages.

Code Modifications

  • The code in the function display_db_pager() that displays the headings is:
  • Choose a line in the record iteration loop say line 85 in includes/ui/db_pager_view.inc and insert it to be:
if ($line_no > 1 && $line_no % 10 === 0) table_header($headers);
  • If only specific inquiry pages are to be so shown, edit them replacing their call to function display_db_pager() with the cloned function name and make sure the modified line above is only in the cloned function so as not to affect all else.