Favicon in FrontAccounting

FA v2.3.14+ Mercurial Build 3175 introduced themes/default/images/favicon.ico (hard coded default theme folder name) and deploys it in the following files:

  • access/login.php
  • includes/page/header.inc

This calls the profile from www.w3.org.

If such calls to www.w3.org are found unacceptable, then users may revert to the standard method of merely placing the favicon.ico file in the webroot and not making any entries for favicon.ico and profile in the said files.

The reason we need a favicon file is to get rid of 404 messages generated in server logs by blind lookups for favicon made by some stupid browsers.

Reason why Firefox banished Favicons

The problem is that instead something friendly -- like Google's famous "g" -- nefarious sites can use a padlock or similar image, making you think you're on a secure SSL page.

  • As of 2012-03-14, Mozilla removed favicons from the address bar of Firefox (after release of v12 onwards).
  • Firefox v18+ tabs show the favicon even if it is placed elsewhere, overriding the one placed in the webroot if any.
  • Latest Debian Apache / PHP prevents dishing out favicons from anywhere other than from the webroot by default.
  • Google Chrome, Safari and Opera still play nice according to Wikipedia.
  • Internet Explorer (tested on v8) refuses to show favicons placed anywhere but in the webroot.