Taken from Forum Post.

Theme installed : exclusive


  • Material
  • Man-Hours


  • Server HPxx assigned to dimension Material
  • Tehnician labour assigned to dimension Man-Hours

To buy 1 server of 1000 euro:

  • Direct GRN
  • Entry purchase invoice for this receival
  • Entry supplier payment for this invoice

After all 3 steps completed , the amount posted in Dimension is 2000 euro (doubled.

In Dimension inquiry I'm seeing that 1000 Euro are posted against GL acc. 1510 - Inventory.

It is 1000 euro more on GL acc. 1550 Goods received Clearing acc.

On the other side the Bank account is credited with only 1000 Euro (which is perfect).


System and GL Setup -> GRN Clearing account -> No posting on GRN