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Tips and Tricks

Quick Guide to activating extensions.

Versions of FA above 2.3 now have an automated, repository based extension system. To activate an extension, logon to FA as the system administrator (only) and do the following:

1. Go to Setup / Install/Activate Extensions

The system retrieves extensions from the FA remote server AND picks up any directories you have under /modules.

2. Click the 'file' icon to activate the extension you want.

3. Select the USER you want to activate the extension for in the drop down box at the top of the page

Click the tick-box for the extension you want.

4. Go to Setup / Access Setup

In the list of available extensions, click the tick-box for the extension you want to use.

5. Logoff and log back on to start using your extension.

Remember to activate the extension in each company you want to use it in.

Files required for a new extension module

  1. Your custom extension code file (eg. import_transactions.php)
  2. hooks.php

The hooks file creates a new class that extends hooks. In this class, you implement some or all of

  • install_options
  • install_tabs
  • install_access

And, you must implement

  • install_extension
  • activate_extension

Both of these functions return true.

For submitting a new extension, you should also create an _init/config text file that describes the extension.

See a new extension module like asset_register to understand the code.

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