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Thanks. That never occurred to me. I’ll give it a try.


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Ok. I’ll try that. I don’t think @apmuthu understood the question because the setting of the mime for sending an email attachment is absolutely done in the file you mentioned. I had been messing around with it and had forced it to set application/pdf for all attachments because it’s the only attachment I’ve ever sent. I’ll try your suggestion shortly.


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When I email an invoice using version 2.4.11 the mime type for the pdf document gets set as an unknown application. It may be the php version but the logic in class.email.inc is not working. It just runs right through to the line
return ‘application/unknown’;


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Is it possible to have orders, invoices, receipts, etc, printed in the customers preferred language. Being that I’m in bilingual Canada, this is something that would be helpful. Is it already possible or does it require big changes. Thanks

Ok I think I did this correct and I can see that the payment is in the deferred account. Would I then just do a Journal entry (set to the next fiscal year) and move the amount into its proper income COA

I’m wondering if anyone can suggest how to accept a payment in this fiscal year, for an invoice that would be an accounts receivable in the next fiscal year. So that the accrual reporting works out in the proper fiscal years. Some of our members are prepaying their fee and I’m confused as to how to do that. I know this is an accounting question but also one related to how the software reports.

What I have done is created an invoice for the first day of the next fiscal year. I also added a new GL account “membership23-24”. I then accept payment on the date it occurred (So that the bank balances work out for the month).

Have I done this the best way?


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I have some GL groups that are subgroups of another group. Everyone of the subgroups gives me the total for that group, except one. I cannot figure out why. Can someone explain how the system decides which subgroups print totals and which don’t.


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Hi, I am new to Frontaccounting and accounting in general. I’m trying to figure out what the best procedure would be in my situation.
-We are a charity
-sometimes we move a batch of product to a fundraising event
-the product (t-shirts) are sold by donation but at no less than our cost. We often make more at other parts of the event.
How would I manage this in the software.
My thought was to:
-Calculate the cost of each the items (totalling all of one kind)
-adjust the quantity on hand
-do a JE to attribute the the sale price against the inventory.
Maybe this isn’t that clear. If someone else has experience in this situation, please suggest an idea.


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But how does it know to use a credit or debit in the respective accounts?


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How do payments work?
If I make a $100 payment and it included costing that need to go into 2 accounts , one a credit and one a debit, what do I do. There is no credit/debit field in the payments module? Would I just need to use a JE instead?

I don’t know why this is confusing me but what is the best was to add shipping to my sales invoices. I don’t always use the same shipper so I really didn’t want to make it overly complicated by creating a supplier, and having to go through the process of doing a direct supplier invoice, etc.  every time I ship. I though of just having shipping as a service item. But then I thought maybe someone here has a good idea. What do some of you folks do with shipping on invoices?


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Ok that makes more sense. Now for another problem. My tax calculations were not the same as the governments assessment. What do I do with the difference. It’s likely never going to be used up.

I ran into another issue.
I pay a state tax that we never do anything with. I set it up so that the purchase orders calculate properly. The amounts get stored in the Cost of Goods area, But it shows in the tax reports. Do you have any suggestions.

I voided a “Direct Supplier Invoice” and afterwards things didn’t look quite right. But I thought all was good. When I do a Gl inquiry a view the transaction number it shows the old and the re-rntered direct supplier invoice items. The products and taxes are all duplicated. The trial balances work out. I thought I could manually go into Phpmyadmin and remove the duplicates, but that sets the trial balances wrong. What’s my best way to fix this. Should I do it directly with phpmyadmin(if so what do I need to do to make the trial balances work. I thought of just leaving it but I think it changes the taxes due.
Thanks for any help.


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Hmm, thinking about this a bit more and you can probably tell how confused I am about how to do this. Maybe someone can just tell me how they do their sales taxes -  What COA categories and groups you use your collected and paid sales taxes.



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I wasn’t sure where to put this question. I hope this is ok.
I’m using the software in Canada for a charity. I have setup our GST tax collected 2074 (for the tax we collect) in an account under CURRENT LIABILITIES. I have the GST paid 5274(when making purchases of products) going into an account in EXPENSES.
I did it this way because of the way the system works in Canada. But I’m confused. At the end of the year, we might get a GST credit from the taxes paid into 5274 but it certainly won’t be enough to clear out the 2074 account or the 5274.  At the end of  the year I’m going to have 2074 remain with funds accruing into next year. What’s the best way to set all my taxes back to 0 at the end of the year if there are amounts left in there.
I hope I explained this clearly.


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To update, I tried going to setup and delete transaction. That got rid of the transaction but when I re-entered it and paid the invoice, it says it’s overdue again!!!

This is probably my fault but I have a suppliers invoice that shows overdue. The invoice is paid and the bank has had a credit entry. Everything is correct except the erroneous overdue marking. Can I just go into phpmyadmin and edit the database to remove the overdue. Where would I find that.
Just so you know this is probably an error I created editing another thing directly in the database.


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No. That didn’t help. This is what I tried:
->Sales inquiry
Find the order and click the edit icon (the pen)
->in the invoice click “cancel order”
System then refuses saying the invoice has been paid.

So what am I doing wrong?

Ok, so how do you do it then?


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I’m not a developer. I have found this software to be awesome. But with password cracking so prevalent in the world and with this software holding some pretty important and private information, I was hoping that 2fa integration could be considered an urgent top of the list priority. I’ve seen a couple posts and hacks on how to add it but it’s above my pay grade (unless someone could give a good instruction on the proper way (not changing the base coding of the app like a couple posts suggest).


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Maybe I’m a bit confused but could someone give me an example of how to do this. I credited the customer with a credit note but didn’t understand what deallocating the payment looks like. What happens if the return is going back to stock. Could I please get a better description of the whole return process. Thanks and sorry for my lack of understanding this.


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Ok, so maybe we are different in Canada and there is no way of doing this. I was thinking more that a person donated money and we generate a receipt specifically for that person at the same time we enter their donation. Like invoicing but as a receipt. Donations are not recorded as a sale  but have a separate COA number.


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I run a charity and wondered if there is a way to do donation receipts in FA

Ok so I have the main problem fixed. After installing several times I installed just one COA (the US one that talks about initial setups) after that I still couldn’t create a year that wasn’t Jan to Dec. (Mine is Aug to Jul) so I just went into MySQL and changed the fiscal year there. I was then able to add a journal entry for my initial bank balance.

The issue with Forms Setup is still there. I don’t see it on the setup page. What have I missed?

I have a new install with a couple problems.
- first I noticed there is no Forms setup on the setup page.
-2nd the install had sample data and so I couldn’t create a new fiscal year. I thought the easiest way to deal with that was to purge all the data in the MySQL database and start new. That worked for the fiscal year but now I can’t post anything to create my initial bank account in 2021. My fiscal year is Aug 1 to July 31. I get an error that the year is outside the fiscal year. I saw a previous posting that suggested it was php8 so I switched to 7.4 and still no luck.