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I don’t know why this is confusing me but what is the best was to add shipping to my sales invoices. I don’t always use the same shipper so I really didn’t want to make it overly complicated by creating a supplier, and having to go through the process of doing a direct supplier invoice, etc.  every time I ship. I though of just having shipping as a service item. But then I thought maybe someone here has a good idea. What do some of you folks do with shipping on invoices?

Re: How to add shipping to sales invoices

There is no direct posting for shipping liability on Sales invoice, you can do the following:
1. Create a supplier invoice or a JV after posting the Sales.
2. OR else create a service item and link it with a GL account and use that as supplier (instead of Supplier module) in this way liability will be auto posted on Direct Invoice

A/R 10,000 DR
Sales 9,000 CR
Shipping Supplier 1000 CR (this account will be linked in the service item)

Re: How to add shipping to sales invoices

Normally our sales invoice handles the  shipping expense, along with its tax , right. ?

Receivables     50
Sales                               40
Shipping                          10

Here it connects the shipping expense inputted here 10.

Am i wrong ?.

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Re: How to add shipping to sales invoices

I guess baxterdmutt is refering to posting the liability part of the shipping, if the shipping is done by company's own sources than the default shipping revenue on the invoice is OK, but if the company is just charging as cost-to-cost and the delivery is done by a third party vendor than there are two options - create a separate bill/jv OR use a shipping service item and link it with a supplier (GL based not modular) so that liability will be posted on the go

Re: How to add shipping to sales invoices


Please help me to add shipper name(Shipping Company:) and location name(Deliver from Location:)  in direct sales invoice.
i need to add above in aux lines some thing like this,

$aux_info = array(_("Purchase Order") => $this->formData["customer_ref"],
             _("Sales Person") => get_salesman_name($this->formData['salesman']),
             _("CUSTOMER VAT NO.") => $this->formData['tax_id'],
             _("Location") => $this->formData['from_id'],
             _("Shipper") => $this->formData['ship_name'],

// ship_name,from_id is wrong."just for example i mentioned it".

please help me, its a real need.

Thanking You

Varghese Joy
United Arab Emirates