Topic: Inventory adjustments

Hi, I am new to Frontaccounting and accounting in general. I’m trying to figure out what the best procedure would be in my situation.
-We are a charity
-sometimes we move a batch of product to a fundraising event
-the product (t-shirts) are sold by donation but at no less than our cost. We often make more at other parts of the event.
How would I manage this in the software.
My thought was to:
-Calculate the cost of each the items (totalling all of one kind)
-adjust the quantity on hand
-do a JE to attribute the the sale price against the inventory.
Maybe this isn’t that clear. If someone else has experience in this situation, please suggest an idea.

Re: Inventory adjustments

1. Why use JE? Why not make a stock inward either by inventory adjustment or a supplier bill of all the items
2 Than post a sales invoice, either a consolidated one totaling all the item sold in a day, or posting multiple invoices(depending on the volume of transactions)
3. JE will not make a stock outward of the inventory as you suggested in your question