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RSA is increasing VAT from 01/04/2018 from 14% to 15% VAT.

I have seen only one suggestion to:

1. Complete all transactions by 31 March 2018
2. Change the Input and Output Vat % on the 01/04/2018 to 15%

This creates a problem when you have to do credit notes. If the invoice was issued at 14%, the credit note should also be done with 14% VAT.

I there any other workable solution or is this the only way to deal with the increase in VAT.



Report rep707.php does not render any return. Something must be wrong with it. Do not know if this report 707 is for 2.4 or 2.3?

The Balancesheet report works, but when you select Profit and Loss Statement with Period Y-1 instead of accumulated, the report does not render


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Is there a way that we could add the options for the pay now to client pdf invoice, for example pay pal or other simular payment systems.

IN RSA we have SagePay and Payfast as option ad even SnapScan etc.


Thanks Joe. Not able to download

If I could submit picture of the reports then I can show the difference in the reports for Period-1 and what the problem is.

Banking and General ledger / Inquiries and reports / General Ledger Reports / Profit and Loss Statement:

Select the current financial year Start Date: 01/03/2016 - Select the Current finacial year end date: 28/02/2017; Select compare to: Period Y-1 - Display report.

The amounts on the Profit and Loss Statement for Period Y-1 [Leap Year] is wrong. 

If you compare the reports for Period Y-1 tot the 2016 Fin year report:  Draw report for Period 01/03/2015 to 29/02/2016 [Leap year] the amounts will differ to the period Y-1 [Leap year] for period 01/03/2016 to 28/02/2017 as above. The period Y-1 for the period 01/03/2014 to 28/02/2014 is calculated correctly.

They should be the same which they are not. All amounts processed on the 29th are not calcultaed in the Period Y-1

Id you do Banking and General ledger /  Inquiries and reports / Profit and Loss Drill Down and your select period Start Date: 01/03/2016 - Select the Current financial year end date: 28/02/2017; Select compare to: Period Y-1 - Display report it displays correctly.

In South Africa, most small businesses and individuals finacial and Income Tax year end is at the end of February. When you do period 01/03/yyyy to 28/02/yyyy the folliwng year, the then there is no issue. If you do the report for 01/03/yyyy to 29/02/yyyy the following year, it also shows correct.

The problem arises when you select on the report to show Period y-1 and the current finaicl year ends on 28/02 it does not include the correct figures for the previous year on the report since it will only add previous years figure up to 28/02 instead of 29/02. If the 29/02 is the current year and the period y-1 ended on 28/02 the previous year, everything is fine.

I do not know how one will be able to deal with this. Maybe period y-1 should always read 29/02 for february.

Is there a way to print barcode lables and stock item names from Inventory

On finalising my February 2017 financials at year end 28/02/2017, I found that the Period Y-1 does not add up for the 2016 leap year. All transactions that was posted by means of Journals on the 29/02/2016 was not included in the Profit and Loss comparison for the Period y-1.

This means I am supplying my auditors with the wrong information. If I draw the report on any other period than 28 February 2017, for example 01/04/2016 to 31/03/2017, then the transactions is included in the Profit and Loss and the transaction that was done on the 29/02/2016 is included.

Please advice how we can fix this issue when the leap year falls in Period Y-1.




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Staring to receive the following warning on my Joomla installations that will affect Front accounting.

Your PHP version, 5.6.30, is only receiving security fixes at this time from the PHP project. This means your PHP version will soon no longer be supported. We recommend planning to upgrade to a newer PHP version before it reaches end of support on 2018-12-31. Joomla will be faster and more secure if you upgrade to a newer PHP version (PHP 7.x is recommended).

I have PHP 7 on the servers of various websites from where I run different companies FA, but FA 2.3.25 does not work on php 7. My latest Joomla installtion runs fine.

What is the future plans for this?

If you do quick entry you have to create supplier invoice first. Then from quick entry you have to make payment to supplier. Then you have to go to supplier tab and allocate the payment.

What we talk about is similar to the template invoice or recurring transaction is needed for suppliers. Similar to customers, their is suppliers from whom you order the same stuff every month with a bit of variation on the volume or price changes.

Would help a lot if we could have template supplier invoice.


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You can use dimensions for each branck on clients, and GL transactions as well as stock and purchases, and use location for the stock. Then you can transfer stock between locations. Each branch would have their own login, but they will still be able to process against the wrong branch if not using correct dimension.

Alternatively each branch could have separate setup and database. You can still run it on the same server with dropdwon to select banch login. Data is then processed separately for each branch. In main branch or Head Office have an income and expense account for each branch depending on your setup to consolidate transactions back to the totals.

Hope this makes sense.

No, Have also requested either template supplier invoice or recurring supplier invoice, but had no reply.

Since the anniversary update of MS Win10 there seems to be serious problems with PDF printing.

At least mine is displaying on the screen, but when I print the document it over print the line items with just black lines that nothing is displayed.

Found a temporary work around. When Print, select advanced on the printer menu and select print pdf as an image. Then it prints without the think black horizontal lines.

I am using 2.3.25 and it seems to open the pdf. It the PC you are using does not have Acrobat installed it will not open. Once Acrobat is installed, then it opens, but popups needs to be activated.


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In the config file there is also an option on line 74:

/* Do not print zero lines amount of 0.00 in Sales Documents if service item. 1 = do not */
    $no_zero_lines_amount = 1;

When you install, click on top and select "Activated for..." Select it and put tick mark in the box for the Cash flow


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On the inventory planning report some stock items indicate that zero for the months 1,2,3,4 5 and 3*M and indicates 20 for QOH; 3 for CustOrd; 0 Supp Ord, 0 Sugg Ord.

There were however transactions for months 1,2,3,4,5 and there should be an amount for 3*m. Why would it not display these transactions on some stock items?

It makes it very difficult to plan stock this way. When the Inventory Item Movement report and inquiry is drawn, it indicates that there were movements for the specific stock item for the same periods.

Suggestions would be appreciated. Unfortunately I am not able to add attachments.




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Not sure what you are talking about.


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That is true, it is a document send to the customer.

If you do not select the the show allocated, it will display the outstanding invoices. When the show allocated is selected to yes, it will give the history for the entire period that the client is with the company. In some cases this could be many pages long.

If it was possible to select the period begin and end date, then it will have an opening balance if there was any outstanding invoices and at the end a closing balance. This is normally done monthly. 

I now draw draw a Customer Balances report and print it to Excel, after which I copy it into a word document to create a statement with a begin and end date.


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It seems that even though you set fiscal year to current, it will display on the statement all the open fiscal years information and not just the current fiscal year when you select show allocated.


Is it possible to add a start and end date on the Customer Statement under reports.

If you select the show Allocated, it prints all the transactions that the client ever had with you, instead of allocations for a specific period.

It also displays the info on the day that you draw the report.

One can do the begin and end dates with the Customer balances.


I also had the same issue. At the end I went through every single customer to add their respective branches. The info is there, it is just not linking after the import, but when you open the customer and click on add/edit branch, it automatically recreate the branch for the customer. With multiple branches it is a bit more of a challenge.


I created a Barter Bank account under the section "Control accounts" in my Balance Sheet, and would do transactions through bank deposit and Bank payments on this Barter Bank account through the Banking and GL Tab..

You would use your normal GL accounts for income (or you can create a different income account) and expenses for example (motor repairs).

At the end of the month


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I found what seem to an abandoned POS project on SourceForge.

Maybe one can ingrate this into FA. This is one thing that is still needed in FA.


Any comments?


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Was also thinking in the line of dotproject or openproject.

Will have a look at your suggestion.