Topic: Changing a Branch on an Invoice

I have done a direct invoice. The client has 5 branches, and the top one was used. Now I am trying to fix that by wanting to change the selected branch, but that is not possible.

Can also not change the order or the delivery note since it was auto-generated.

I then changed the branch in the database in the Customer sales and then in orders. Despite that, it seems that the branch is pulled through from the Delivery note. That seems to have changed since in the past you could fix the issue by updating the branch on the order.

Is there a way to find the auto delivery note and change the back there to get the correct address?

I now have to void the invoice, which hopefully will void the Delivery and the Order.

Then recreate the invoice, but is a lot of work for multiple line items.

Any idea how to fix this issue?


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Re: Changing a Branch on an Invoice

@seahawk.. I use an extension by @boxygen as below. It works nice for me. Review and see if it fits you. It works with Direct Invoices only. Aslo you need to manually void customer payments if any was allocated against the invoice.