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Well, there are some places where confirmation is good idea, but it make no sense to include it everywhere. I  believe application
should make user's life easier, so asking for confirmation where there is small risk for any damage is just waste of user's time. We have added confirmation dialog iin places where using delete action can complicate user's life, and when the action can be harmful additional constraints does not allow for this. But if you want to add confirmation dialog in any customized page, you can do it easily using submit_js_confirm() helper.

Have you found any place in standard FA where additional confirmation should be added?



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Quickbooks is not known in my region at all, but seems it is quite popular in  Anglosphere.
Does quickbooks have any generic export feature included (like CVS) ?


Hi bhoo,

Could you send me example selenium based tests as you use it for your modules?



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Well, I'm not sure where the problem appears, but in general case rounding errors should never appear in accounting application. This simply can break balances in some places. Please report where you have found the problem, maybe better approach is just to avoid the problem at the source?


AFAIK ISO-8859-15 is just Latin1 extended by Euro sign. This does not solve the problem for other latin encodings, but for Western Europe languages is probably the best solution. Using Utf-8 has other drawbacks like enormous PDF reports size, so we have decided to use mixed approach in next FA 2.5 i.e. utf8 encoded database together with arbitrary encoding in user interface. upgrade scripts will recode old databases to utf8.



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Really excentric approach smile.
Keep in mind FA make lots of checks before the data for any entered document are stored in database. The more FA code you ommit the more chances to break your ledger.


You can eventually block the message by commenting out display_warning() call in sales/includes/ui/ ca line 60.

Well, off BS accounts are used also in Poland, however they are optional, and so far are not implemented in FA.


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Nothing changed so far I'm affraid. The payroll system highly depends on local requirements, so we have not decided to start this development in main FA core.


I'm not sure what you mean. If the problem is long delay on this page, probably you have no internet contact to our package repository, which is checked when you entry Install/Activate Extension menu option.

If your account has Default24 POS tied, constraints related to this POS are used during invoice issue.
Otherwise e.g. the salesman not allowed to make cash payments could issue cash invoices and receive money.


This is really strange. I guess this can be related to php version you use. I have encountered similar problem on some php 5.2.x i nstallation some time ago. Unfortunately I have no access to Win based FA installation, but you can try adding following line at the top of install/index.php:

global $Ajax;

just below line containing '$path_to_root="..";

Seems this can be related to bug 0001173 just resolved. Please login to our  Mantis system, download fixed file, use it  and report the results here.