yes, i know....

but can you PLEASE incorporate this, because we will received all payments in full not as partial. so i dont think so it will be disturbed.



can you please let me know if some of our invoices are over-due and when we create another invoice for the person (who has some pending invoices ) in new creating invoices can show that pending invoices as ' Previous Balance / Arrears '

can you please let me know is it possible to do it?



is it possible we can download report of GL transaction on the basis of MEMO, because sometime we need to generate report for specific memo like ' Cash Sales ' or ' Cash Sales by Person Name ';

can you please help me for this?



I need your help regarding merging company branches. Well, i have merged 3/4 branch into parent company but the thing is all amount excreed into 10,000,000/- (10M), can you please help me how can we convert our this figure into short figure while downloading reports and as view?

Like it must be (10.25) instead of 10,000,000.25

Help me for this.


Hey Thanks for responding to me,
Well, i know the accounting procedure i mean year end closing transactions, but basically what i want i mean to say, we want to show our profits at the end as (income - expenses = profit) the profit must be shown in calculated return,

Is it possible?

so, can you please help me or can we do this thing;

1. After closure of FY the picture of PLS A/C will be as (Income - Expense = Profit) as before closure of PLS
2. After closure of FY the picture of B/S is clear as Current Year Profit adjusted into B/S (which is already in working condition)

so can we adjust the point 1,

it will be very thank full for me


hey, thanks for concerning the issue;

well for more clarification i have upload a image for you kindly take a look and let me know


i am using v2.4.5

because this issue cannot presenting clear picture to management about expenses

* and also the same things occurs in v2.4.6 after clean install
Image url:

* before closure of FY the picture of PLS A/C is clear as (Income - Expense = Profit)
*  before closure of FY the picture of B/S  is not clear as Current Year Profit not adjusted into B/S

*After closure of FY the picture of PLS A/C is not clear as (Income - (Expense + Profit) = 0)
*After closure of FY the picture of B/S is clear as Current Year Profit adjusted into B/S

Please take a look in this issue

Suggestion; if you change the operation of PLS than everything will be fine as Income - Expense = Profit and after closure of FY the profit automatically adjusted into B/S, as done already


apmuthu wrote:

Instead of changing FA core operations, try to change the Balance Sheet report to suit your needs.

Can you please tell me, how can we adjust the Balance sheet as per this issue.

This thing may i know, first don't need to close the FY and at the end of day we need to post a entry of profit in Balance sheet like equity Cr and profit Dr

Hey, yes i am totally agree woth rafat, the position of loss is same as less from expenses.
But when we dont close the FY the balance sheet not accurate as our equity cannot be adjusted as per current year profit,

Reserve 1000
Profit 1000
Total equity 2000
If we closed the FY
But if we dont close the CY
Reserve 1000
Profit 0
Total equity 1000

Can you please tell us,
Profits must be follow this rule;
Income - expense = profit
And after close the FY
This profit/loss can be +/- from equity.
* i am using my own created COA and properly point in GL setup.
Help me for this.

Hey, thanks for respond to me,
Well, yes and know about this rule but our company does'nt follow this rule, we want to show our profit at the end after income - expense = profits,
So can you help me about it after closing FY the profits cannot be treated as expense shown as profit in 'Calculated Return'



can you please help me for this issue, i have closed my FY such as 01-07-2017 to 30-06-2018,

and company made e.g 1000 + profit after (income - expenses like 11,000 - 10,000)

when we closed the FY 2018, this profits 1000 transfer to B/S as Retain Earning (Current Year)
and also this profit added into Expense Side which equals the balances like (11,000 - 11,000) which means no profit earns?

how can we encounter the issue?

Help me


can you please help me for this, i have add a new company and want to add Balance Sheet in preceding year e.g 2018 to encounter in 2019, but one or two figures in balance sheet in NEGATIVE amount like this;

Received from Party A                             5000
Less: Advance Received from Party A       (1000)
Total Received during the period        =    4000

how can i encounter this -1000 in journal enter because when i enter negative figure its say, not less than zero figures can be added
the above 2 item added in COA

please help me for this i need it urgent,



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i am trying to customization in theme, so can you please guide me about it?


(5 replies, posted in Setup)

hey, thanks for reply to me,

basically i want to change images in every section as my own created images, the folder i know but every image has different name rather than ok.gif,
so how can i encounter this issue,


how can i remove images from BUTTONS or OTHER Places as shown in FA ,

image attached:

please let me know step by step, i am thank full to you.



can you please help me how can i setup this issue for mobile access. whenever i access FA in mobile its logout every time by clicking next page, how can i resolve this issue. i also increase the session timeout in 600-> 1800 but nothing effect.

can you please tell me?



can you please let me know how can we changed ICONS in FA, because you give only 1 ICON for menus, and TICK for process, how can we changed ICONS that must be applied different on different menus / others sections.



thanks for reply, well i think i am not clear up to you, well, i have also attached a image for you for better under standing

i want BY Default 3 ROWS and by Pressing ENTER its SAVED or AUTO SAVED and at ROW 3 when we pressed ENTER 4th will be shown,

is it possible?




can you please help me can we add more than 1 lines for journal entry section as by default, (image attached)

secondly, can we ADD enter or TAB function when we type any amount in amount column, without pressing ADD ITEM,

which is good for FA.

is it possible in FA?

let me know



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Thank for reply to me KVVARADHA,

well, i have not seen any translation effect after hard refresh and convert into again english. its still exist in english.
and furthermore, there is not any # comment in the string its properly in msgstr or msgid

so can you tell me now what can i do for this issue? any other way?



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Hey, Thanks for reply,

I have already changed the version as you said above but after this following words mention in above my attached image is not translated and i know these words already exist in the .po file.

Now let me kown anyother way to resolve this issue?



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Yes, I am using the latest version which was found from your repo, version 2.4.3-1

Furthermore, see the screenshot which I want to translate link is

Better is I want to update the files ar_EG-2.4.3-1.po and then this file is converted into and changes do not take effect and no changes occur.


(12 replies, posted in Translations)

yes, i am already using that version but i have made some changes in that file .po and .mo, it would not effective or nothing changed?

furthermore, i have upload 'add manual language' in which i have made some changes but this change is not showing on me expect right to left.

how can i update some words in ar_EG file?

and also see the screenshoot which words i want to translate link is



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the arabic word is missed by pasting,

apmuthu, you mean to say i need to update the empty.po file?


(12 replies, posted in Translations)


can you please help me how can i update my arabic language because some of words are not translated so i want to translate it manually,

i have updated my .PO file and that updated file convert into .MO file,
afterwards i have replaced both files in root /lang/ar_EG/LC_MESSAGES/

but after refreshing or clear cache the code will not work and doest not translate the words

for example i have paste one code here

#: Current Assets
msgid "Current Assets"
msgstr "الاصو "

can you please guide me how can i do it.

let me know


can you tell me how can i remove HELP section from FA which is showing to all pages,

see image for better understanding