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Can you please confirm the following information?
does this features contains Any pdf document likely to be generated as "Packing Slip".
Is it possible to print the packing slip?


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Requesting for your solution for my urgent requirment.
Appreciate your help at the earliest.

kvvaradha wrote:

Brother. Again here. As we already spoken about it. We have large Amount of data. So it makes more queries again and again to get both reports results. And we have two options
1. Introduce a new table to record the available stock , ordered , waiting to process, and in manufacturing.  It would need to change the program to run it every movement of inventory.
2. To make a cron job and prepare this report in server's free time like morning 2 am to 6 am.

Or we can increase the server config and reduce unnecessary tables to give some extra cache to run

Yes Brother. Agreed. Hope, Your idea will solve our problem now. We have to implement this concept and see the performance after implementation.
But What would be the permanent solutions to this issue?

Can we create a seperate table to record demand, Quantity on Hand and Supp. order with respect to stock id and location id?
I have just started using FA. But i am afraid about its scalability and data handling capabilities.
Please advice!


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Okay sir, I got your point.

Looks a bit different theme.
Can you make the tables as responsive one?

@apmuthu sir,
We have tried to fix the issues as per your guidance.
There are number Queries got reduced a bit while running the report.
But We could not fix the issue as of now.  We are not able generate these reports.


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kvvaradha wrote:

We can make sales quote without checking the stock. But here he said. It's given to customers when the goods are ready to deliver.  May be it's not required for common FA  users. It might be useful for some manufacturing companies and pharamedical wholesalers.

@geesyscare. Do we need to make pdf format for it. Can you show us a sample Pro-forma invoice in pdf.

Thank you for your suggestions.
Please find the below link


Kindly do the needful at the earliest


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Yes, It should be placed between sales order and delivery. The functionalities are almost similar to Prepaid invoices. Except need to introduce one more step called "Pro-forma invoice" and Partial Payment Processing as per payment terms defined.
"payment_terms.php" have to mae a changes % of Amount in "Prepayment" and % of "after no. days".
but We need a document

No, @apmuthu's post is not helping me to overcome this problem. we are using php 7.2, nginix 1.17.
Hope, This is severe bug in FA core.
For loop in the report is endless. it goes on checking all the years and all the transaction (including BoM) of each items.
Oh my god. Completely frustrated with inventory reports.
Hope, I have been taken guidance from @notrinos | @kvvaradha.
We are still finding possibilities to fix this bugs!
Kindly give me any other idea please!


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@apmuthu sir,
Did you mean revised quotation referrence Number?
Please confirm.

Thanks for your prompt reply @apmuthusir | @joe sir.
Yes, FA has splendid way of handling the GST/VAT.
Hope, FA's Existing Tax handling method could also be used to create the addon. But it requires seperate set up files i.e tax type, Tax group based on the nature of transaction.
I will prepare and provide detailed requirement file, If anyone coming forward to implement the same in FA.
Very curious to share with volunteers in the developers group.


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Thanks a lot for your reply.
Pro-forma Invoice shall be initiated only after Generating Sales Order and Quotation was shared with clients prior to Sales order.
If we get an Order with ( xx% of Order Value ) Advance payment, We may use the same sales order as Pro-forma invoice with few customization.
If we get the order as ( xx% of Order Value ) Payment before dispatch, We shall ensure the client that product ready for dispatch. Kindly make the payment to proceed for dispatch. This is many companies are working. As an example you consider e-commerce operators ask client to make payment (leave COD payment method) only if the product is available in stock.
Now PI has to be generated inbetween Sales Order and delivery.
the same situation applicable in purchase as well. incase of if we accepted the payment as advance or before dispatch with supplier, They will do the same process and company will process these advance payment with the referrence of PI only.
Counter sales or retail sales or delayed payment are exceptional from the Pro-forma invoice.
So, Payment methods has to be redefined accordingly.
Please guide me now "How is it possible to use Quote as PI?".
Please correct me, If i am wrong here.
Thanks for your time and understanding in advance.


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mhadimaksun wrote:

Dear Admin.

I'm trying to understand the FA , this time trying to be used for the company with the concept of make to stock .
I know the Work Order entry is done manually .

how to create a work order through the reference of sales quotation or sales order . because the stock item to be produced , corresponding sales quotation or the sales order .

we have got coded fior the same kind of your requirment.
i.e 1. Make to Order
     2. Make to Stock
Auto -Serial No. is also getting generated.



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MarkAndrew wrote:

Thanks Joe
Does this mean that Manufacturing can't keep track of Work in Progress?
Meaning I can only update Front when the job is done and I can't issue 3 units of component to an assembly that needs 5 units today and the other 2 tomorrow?  It has to be all 5 at once? 
If I use advance manufacture then I don't issue the stock  and produce the manufactured item if I have a BOM?  I just produce the manufactured item, leaving out the issue of stock?

Did you find a solution to your problems?
Please clarify.
It will be very helpful to many users.


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joe wrote:

Hello Mark,

You do not need to issue stock if you are satisfied with the BOM. These stocks are automatically allocated when producing.


Confused with your suggestion. Please clarify the following points
Consider, we have created BoM for a product with 50 No's Raw Materials (50 - stock id) and Clear BoM is avaliable for a Manufacturable item.
But Store has only 15 items in stock with full qty.. Rest of the materials will be received with different delivery dates.
We have decided to start  the production with available items for the days. We will get some more materials tomorrow Morning or Today Evening. Those Materials will be used for next day's production on the same product.
Store has to issue the materials for every day production. Kindly note that store can not issue item with making an entry in ERP, because stocks should get deducted from store immedialtely after issuing the materials to production shop floor.
Hope, We have to use Advanced Manufacturing method here. So that we can produce item in multiple stages of production and multiple partial issue of raw materials from store. This is standard production method in any manufacturing firm. Many company doest keep all the items in stock before manufacturing. If they wait to receive all the items at storeand the to start the production, After receipt all materials their timely delivery to the client will be sake. Best way to start the production with available raw materials. Stage by stage materials issue is only invitable solution.
As per your point, If these stocks automatically allocated when producing.
What is the solution for my above said requirment?
Please clarify!

Hope, You have to make Invertory adjusement with zero value.


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Inventory Planning is executing few lakhs of queries and system is getting hanged for next 15 minutes. Horrible.
Afraid of Inventory reports in FA.

We are also suffering due to lack of provision for witholding Taxes in FA.
Manual Entry (Journal or Quick) has no use!. We need to report and pay the collected amount from the supplier to government.
We need Supplier name, Pan Card No. and other mandate information as well. If you are doing manual entry, how will you prepare these reports by having only ledger entry?
It is Mandatory Requirement for most of Asian Governments to pay the Tax Collected from the supplier by way of Withholding Tax.
TDS (Tax Deducted at Source) filling is also separate mandatory report like Tax Report of GST.
Hope, We have implemented another set of Tax set up to implement the withholding Taxes in FA.
This is also most wanted features for FA users.
Does anyone have any solutions for this issue?

Does anyone has a solution to create Pro-forma invoice in fa?
Pro-forma invoice is a preliminary bill of sale sent to buyers in advance of a shipment or delivery of goods. The invoice will typically describe the purchased items and other important information such as the Products/service cost, shipping weight and transport charge. So Pro-forma is mandate to get the advance or payment prior to dispatch of goods/service.
Pro-Forma invoice indicates that goods/service is ready for delivery to the clients and asking client to make the payment to proceed for dispatch.
It is usually issued before the issue of Tax/commercial Invoice and is not same as a commercial invoice.
Issuing a pro forma invoice declares the supplier’s commitment to the buyer to provide the goods and/or services described at specified prices.

A Pro-forma invoice should include the following information:
Unique invoice number.
Address of the supplier.
Address of the prospective buyer.
Description of good and/or services including their unit costs and line-item totals.
Validity of the pro forma invoice
Proposed terms of sale.
Proposed terms of payment, if any.
Certifications required by “Customs Authorities” if any.
Signature by an authorized person from supplier’s company.

1. Customer is not required to make any payments on the goods and/or services detailed.
2. Supplier should not record a pro forma invoice as accounts receivable, and
3. Buyer should not record it as accounts payable.

I am a small manufacturing firms has BoM loaded to all of its products. Where Inventory Planning Report are very critical in nature.
Company has over 6000 stock id and nearly 3000 Manufacturable stock ids. Whenever we tried to generate these two report, System gets hanged and Gatway Timeout is persisting.
Because Stock Check alone is executine over 3 Lakhs queries to bring the report to users. Sometime is very more as well.
Company has 4CPU System with 16GB RAM. But No use as of now.
Now Instruction to the company, "DON'T TOUCH INVENTORY REPORTS"!!!
Could please suggest us any solutions for this issue?

We Shall to have Quality Control in the following stages
1. Inward Quality Check ( All Inward Items through Purchase)
2. In-Process Quality Check (Work inprogress Items)
3. Final Quality check (All Manufactured Outward Materials After Work completed).
We have to define Test Parameters and Test Method/case with flag to an each item we create (This FQC applicable only to Manufactured/Assembled Goods).
FQC Should be processed after only work order completed and before dispatch.
If the Products is getting passed with all the quality checks, Then the particular item/batch can be process fr dispatch.
If the Products is getting failed with any one of the quality checks, Then the particular item/batch should not be dispatched.


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Anyone have implemented this code? Successfully!
Requesting for your update please!