Topic: Shipping Tax Based Supply of Good's Tax

GST on freight charges in the Supply Invoice?
GST would be levied the on value of supply as per normal rate which would depend on the goods that are supplied. In case freight charge is added to supply value provided in bill, then the GST would be charged on the freight charges at same rate as the rate of GST on the supplied value.
incase if the supply invoice has different tax rates, then the highest rate of tax of supply shall considered as shipping Tax.
This provision is not avaialbe in FA. Please correct, If i am wrong.
Do you have any solutions to this issue?

Bharathiraja Kaliyamoorthy

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Re: Shipping Tax Based Supply of Good's Tax

GST on shipping is possible in FA

Setup GST - With reference post 8 in

Setup - Tax Group
In Shipping Tax Column Select Appropriate Tax For Shipping

Mohsin Mujawar
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