Hi Just so I don't mess this up. I presume I copy the routine into the 'modules' subdirectory? What do I do with the 'hooks' file?
Any idea how one would handle a split transaction, i.e. one amount in the bank statement allocated to 2 or more GL accounts?

OK Thanks. I will take a look

With due respect to the creators of the current bank import modules, FA has fallen behind more recent system regarding the sophistication of the important bank import functionality.

I am interested to know if anyone would be interested to adapt the current module to have the following functionality (inter alia):

- The ability to adapt to different formats of bank statements;
- The ability to identify single column debits & credits by sign;
- The ability to import debits and credits simultaneously;
- The ability to allocate transactions to appropriate GL accounts, as a lookup during the import process, including split allocations;
- Wishful thinking: To 'remember' prior allocations and to suggest these when performing a new import.

If so what kind of money are we looking at given that much of the functionality already exists in various PHP 'macros'


When I print to Excel I get the message:
count(): Parameter must be an array or an object that implements Countable in file: /var/www/html/accounts/reporting/includes/excel_report.inc at line 243


count(): Parameter must be an array or an object that implements Countable in file: /var/www/html/accounts/reporting/includes/Workbook.php at line 6656

But the report still works.

How do I fix this please?

Hi. Can you suggest how I might address the  event_date problem please?

Hello. I tried what you suggested and it did not work and the identical error message appears.

The specified CSV format for a Multiple Journal Entry import is:
entryid    date     reference     accountcode    dimension1    dimension2    amount    memo
........................where the date refers to the transaction date.  All the transaction dates are populated.

In the literature there is no requirement for an event date, although I see the SQL insert contains a number of additional columns.  Can you advise me how to amend the file so as to insert a dummy event_date please?

I tried Import Multiple Journal Entries with debug on and got the following:

Undefined variable: trans_type in file: /var/www/html/accounts/modules/import_multijournalentries/import_multijournalentries.php at line 163
DATABASE ERROR : cannot add journal entry
error code : 1292
error message : Incorrect date value: '' for column `ppt`.`1_journal`.`event_date` at row 1
sql that failed was : INSERT INTO 1_journal( `type`,`trans_no`, `amount`, `currency`, `rate`, `reference`, `source_ref`, `tran_date`, `event_date`, `doc_date`) VALUES('0','4','3499.79','ZAR','1','GLImp1','','2018-03-01','','')

The import is complaining about the date value but I tried every permutation of date and it still does not work.

Hi. Which would be the best module to achieve the import of a year's worth of GL transactions into FA? (Import transactions or Import Multiple Journal entries).

I tried the former and I get a "Green" result but nothing actually gets imported.

BTW: when invoking Import Transactions in FA 2.4.7 Theme Dynamic, the module fails to load due to a spelling mistake in the code:/modules/import_transations/import_transactions.php  rather than the required /modules/import_transactions/import_transactions.php.

I am not sure whether other themes are affected or where to fix it.

Can I confirm that the only alternatives in the column Tax_type  in the import bank statements module, are 0 and 1 or are there other alternatives.  The documentation is fairly silent on this and I am not particularly adept at interpreting php code.

Regards Barry


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Hello. Excuse my ignorance but is it possible to get updated copies of the affected program files so that these can simply be overwritten in the appropriate FA subdirectories?

If one loads bank account transactions into FA via a CSV import, on occasion some of the transactions require to be split.

It appears that FA will not allow the retrospective split of deposit or payment transactions arising as a result of an import.

Is there any way to allow this please?


After reviewing various transactions imported via the Bank Import CSV extension, I notice that the Bank Account Inquiry does not display the Memo for transactions imported into a Bank GL account even though the individual transaction holds the detail.

Is there any way to fix this please?

Hi. I managed to fix the problem myself. I was using LibreOffice Calc to format the CSV import file and for some reason, in the specific import file, the character formatting in 2 columns was set to an unknown locale. When I selected Format as US English for the column and save the file as a CSV the problem was eliminated.

I quite like the PuroV1 treatment.  Regards


I had to do a reinstall to address an incorrectly configured primary bank account.

Now when I try to import the csv files that worked before (as a Deposit or Payment import), I get:

       A) 2:10601 in red where 10601 is the GL code for the current bank account, residing under the header 1060 Bank Accounts

       B) Error messages: "A non well formed numeric value encountered in file:  /var/www/html/accounts/modules/import_transactions/includes/import_transactions.inc at line ........" ( line numbers are mentioned)

As far as I can ascertain the format of the CSV file is correct.

Can anyone advise me on how to fix please?


Hi. My apologies. The Deposit and the Payments tables are in fact showing up but are unpopulated after trial runs. All the individual transaction lines are shown in green.

Hi. No table shows up at all.

I'm not getting the Total line but all the line items show up green. How do I debug please?

Hello. I am having a bit of a problem in FA 2.4.6 using Import transactions (2.4.0-5). The COA in use is a modified version of English South African 5 digits COA - New (2.4.1-4).

A CSV was prepared according to the bank_en_GB.csv template

The import was tried in 2 phases: Deposit Processing and Payment Processing.

When I attempt a Trial Deposit run each line shows up in Green with the comment: "Ignoring payment. Use same csv under payment processing" and a further comment at the bottom that "Error: Debits do not equal credits." and the Trial Payment Processing also shows up in green with the expected comment " Ignoring deposit. Use same csv under deposit processing." and the same "Error: Debits do not equal credits."

When I tried an actual run after doing a backup, nothing gets posted to the DB.

Any suggestions on how to debug please?


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Thanks for your input Guys. I will use the apmuthu suggested method initially and then maybe switch to the other suggestion in time once I have worked out how to connect different copies of FA.


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Thank you. Worked for me


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Hello. When I try and log in to our server from the Web, I can access the main screen but when I try and access any menu item I am immediately logged out. I believe my firewall settings to be correct but would appreciate other suggestions for a remedy.


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Hello. I am using FA to administer a number of companies. A few of the company have external users who access the server from the web.  Is there any way I can set up FA so that for certain users not all the configured companies are shown on the login dropdown or would this need a second FA installation in a separate subdirectory within /var/www/html ?

(I thought I posted this before but I can't find the post)


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I am still battling to log in in FA

I have access to all the respective company databases via phpmyadmin and have copied across config_db.php and also the company directory.

The FA login fails with:Incorrect Password

The user and password combination is not valid for the system.

If you are not an authorized user, please contact your system administrator to obtain an account to enable you to use the system.
Try again

and the error.log shows: [31-Jul-2018 20:39:37 Africa/Johannesburg] 0::connect_db_mysqli.inc:127:[before upgrade] mysqli_num_rows() expects parameter 1 to be mysqli_result, null given.

Can anyone suggest what else I can try please?


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Thanks. I'll give it a try.