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Topic: Login Timeout


I am facing a strange problem with FA. It's working fine at my end, at my Chrome, Firefox or Opera. But at client's computer at his chrome browser, he is constantly being redirected to the login screen whenever he clicks any menu or link or anything!

Please note that, at my computer at any browser, it's working fine. But at my client's google chrome or internet explorer he is always redirected to the login screen.

Can anyone kindly give me any clue why It might happen?

Thank you very much.

Re: Login Timeout

at tmp/faillog.php I see this:

Login attempts info.
$login_faillog = array (
  0 => 
  array (
    '' => 0,
    'last' => '',
); is my client's IP.

Re: Login Timeout

Please note that, I see that, my client's IP gets changed every 5-10 seconds.

Re: Login Timeout

In that case you can disable the check in includes/session.inc

Look for the function preventHijacking() and comment out the lines

  if ($_SESSION['IPaddress'] != $_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR'])
    return false;

Re: Login Timeout

Excellent! Thank you very much! Your suggestion solved the problem! Thank you again, I am grateful to you smile

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Wiki-ed it.

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Re: Login Timeout

So frequently changing IPs are generally in mobile based ISP connections. A list of such ISPs where IPs get changed so frequently would be useful to be wikied. Some mobile devices keep changing their MAC addresses in response to which the ISPs keep changing the IPs allotted to them.

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Why don't we have an option either in config.php or from sys_pref table ?

That would be good to change it when requires.

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This must a a user preference and not a site-wide or company-wide setting.
This will entail a flag in the user table but settable by the sysadmin and not the user themselves as that could be leveraged for security violations like brute forcing.

Re: Login Timeout

Thank you. Worked for me

Regards Barry