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how will we provide HSN/SAC for group of item.

I want a frontaccounting Developer who have experience in frontaccounting for India.


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I want to give frontaccounting access in other website which is hosted on other server. In that website there should be login option where we can enter user name, password and company name. After clicking login button, he should access creating Direct sales invoice and Direct purchase invoice form. After entering the data in invoices it saves data, in database. How we can give this feature in frontaccounting. Can anybody explain this??


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Hi there,

I developed the change of company without closing the session, I share my code with you.

At the same time, consider it for a new version of front accounting.


The above code is not working. Please post working code.


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I couldn't Understand ??

Please describe this in terms of FA, i.e. how to create bom, how to release work order, how to issue paddy, how to produce ??

please describe it in step by step w.r.t. FA. what is quantity required  and other terms ??


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I have a rice mill, in which Paddys are purchased from Market, and after manufacturing  it will be converted into broken rice as of 4.5% of paddy and in plain rice as 67% of paddy.
So, how can i configure in manufacturing process. i.e. BOM  and workorder??


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In customer_invoice.php page there is a function check_quantites(). whose code given below:-

function check_quantities()
    $ok =1;
    foreach ($_SESSION['Items']->line_items as $line_no=>$itm) {
        if (isset($_POST['Line'.$line_no])) {
            if($_SESSION['Items']->trans_no) {
                $min = $itm->qty_done;
                $max = $itm->quantity;
            } else {
                $min = 0;
                $max = $itm->quantity - $itm->qty_done;
            if (check_num('Line'.$line_no, $min, $max)) {
                $_SESSION['Items']->line_items[$line_no]->qty_dispatched =
            else {
                $ok = 0;

        if (isset($_POST['Line'.$line_no.'Desc'])) {
            $line_desc = $_POST['Line'.$line_no.'Desc'];
            if (strlen($line_desc) > 0) {
                $_SESSION['Items']->line_items[$line_no]->item_description = $line_desc;
return $ok;

In above code please give me explaination about if (isset($_POST['Line'.$line_no])) {.

How $_POST['Line'.$line_no] (Line No. - 5) works, means what does it means. what will be returned value.

Waiting for very quick response.


Sumit Singh

When i go to install/Activate Extension, there is showing error

"The Release file in repository is invalid, or public key is outdated"

How can i remove this error to resolve my problem??

How to integrate Customer Opening Balance,

i.e. i have customer name & opening Balances (in positive & Negative Amount), how can i do this in FA.

How to deal, customer payment, when he gives cheque or Demand Draft.
I have search various module, but not found answer. Is this possible in FA??

means where we can provide dd number / cheque no, with bank name & bank address??

please explain this feature.

Sumit Singh


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Thanks a Lot.


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How to change function keys, such as f1, f2 will pressed, Customers & branches modules open. So, how i can Assign function keys in frontaccounting.

How to enter a invoice in back date ?? & how to edit invoices??

// Sumit Singh


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How to add opening stock ?? At a particular date.

// Sumit Singh


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What is the use of dimension in ITEM Creation module  ??
As for required branch(s) different reports, i am using dimension by creating 7 different dimension (means 7 named branches as dimensions)under 1 dimension level. So, when i was going to create items there is also a one option for dimension, mentioning 7 different branch. As ITEMS are same for all the branches, so please explain me that, there is any requirement of Dimension for this scenario ?? If not then why & if yes then for what purpose. As all of the seven branches are reporting to Head (main) branch.

waiting for detailed solution.

Sumit Singh


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Thanks, JOE for speedy reply ...



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How will i configure dimension for branch tracking. Our need is -- we have 7 branches with 7 different locations & we have to generate
differents reports for different branches. Such as, seperate trial balance, GL reports, Sales reports, purchase reports, balancesheet for
each & everly branch. So, i have to ask that how will i configure the system using dimensions in FA ??, as i already seen different answers for this topic but no one is clearly explained about dimension in FA using practical approach (means what are the processes in creating dimension for barach ??).

So, please explained this using some demo data, & step by step guidence. Also please state that what are dimension levels & since,  we have 7
branches, so how will we do..

Waiting for your speedy reply.


Sumit Singh

Dear Sir,

How we can configure TDS ?? & How it is calculated in FA???

Waiting for your reply.

// Sumit Singh


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Dear Sir,

I want to add free SMS facility to FA, when anyone made a sale or purchase, then a SMS is forwarded to his mobile number, containing Sale & purchase Amount with VAT charged.
For this i have to changed the label of Interface & addition with some codes in purchase & sale modules.So, please provide a overview of files that must contains basic functionality of FA in sales & purchase mdules. What field i use, (i.e. user interface of sales & purchase modules) to store their mobile number.

At All, i want to know the functionality of different files used in sales & purchase modules.

Waiting for your reply .....


// Sumit Singh


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System diagnostic gives no error i.e. all conditions are OK.

Also i have done fresh installation, it gives no error (i.e. installed_extension error). But still yellow triangle is displayed ....


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[function.include-once]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in file: /home/content/a/t/a/atagroups/html/ATAfc3/includes/session.inc at line 269

include_once() [function.include]: Failed opening '../company/0/installed_extensions.php' for inclusion (include_path='.:/usr/local/php5/lib/php') in file: /home/content/a/t/a/atagroups/html/ATAfc3/includes/session.inc at line 269

it gives above mentioned error in both way. When i remove this error by copying installed_extensions.php file at given location, error are removed (means above mentioned error).

But the actual problem remains same .... displaying yellow triangle ...

/Sumit Singh


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Thanxs, for speedy reply ....

I am going to configure tax system as in your reply.


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Dear Sir,

Here i got a problem while using FA system. In most of the cases while Editing or Adding some data to form, a Yellow triangle is displayed (on upper most 2nd ROW).
As, I think it is a failed AJAX call. Why this call fails ?? To get this answer i shifted website to different Hosting Server, but there, i also got same problem. If it is a problem related with server then why it shows same problem on different name servers.
Please, look at this problem why it arises & solve this.


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Dear Sir,

As given in FA Wikki, i have assigned the values as per my need, but it's not working fine, it gives some error.
i.e. when creating sales order it is giving 12% VAT that is right but when creating purchase order it also gives 12.6 % of VAT, which is wrong. it will be 4% & 1% of VAT.

I have given following setting for my needs for tax association with sales & purchase

Tax types are
Description    Default Rate (%)  Sales GL Account           Purchasing GL Account   
VAT                4.0                      Purchases of materials    Purchases of materials       
Additional VAT    1.0                      Purchase price Variance  Purchase price Variance       
VAT                    12.6                      Sales                             Sales       

Tax groups are -
Description    Shipping Tax   
VAT                  No       
Tax Exempt    No   

Item tax are -
Name    Tax exempt   
Regular    No       
Preferenced Goods    No   

In regular Tax, i have selected VAT (12.6%) & in preferrenced tax i have give for VAT(4%) & Additional VAT (1%). So, sir please solve this problem .... waiting for ur reply ....

Sumit Singh


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Dear sir,

In our organization, the purchase modules require 2 types of taxes charged.

1)- 4% VAT.
2)- 1% Additional VAT.

So How Can we integrate these taxes in purchase module, so that it wil displayed after line total ???


In Sales module i have to charged 12.6% VAT for sales items. So how can we integrate it with FA system.

At All i does not able to understand how tax  in incorporated with FA.