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How will i configure dimension for branch tracking. Our need is -- we have 7 branches with 7 different locations & we have to generate
differents reports for different branches. Such as, seperate trial balance, GL reports, Sales reports, purchase reports, balancesheet for
each & everly branch. So, i have to ask that how will i configure the system using dimensions in FA ??, as i already seen different answers for this topic but no one is clearly explained about dimension in FA using practical approach (means what are the processes in creating dimension for barach ??).

So, please explained this using some demo data, & step by step guidence. Also please state that what are dimension levels & since,  we have 7
branches, so how will we do..

Waiting for your speedy reply.


Sumit Singh

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You shoould create 7 different dimensions (of type 1, you don't need type 2) for your branches.

Everytime you deliver/invoice your customer, remember to select the dimension for the invoice.
The delivery phase will handle the purchase and the invoice phase will handle the sales.
You can try this on the Training Company and look at the GL trans for the delivery and the invoice.

If you have other expenses from Bank Payments, just put the dimension on the line here.

Finally you will have a very good fascility for reports by dimension.


Re: Dimension for Branch ...

Thanks, JOE for speedy reply ...