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I have a rice mill, in which Paddys are purchased from Market, and after manufacturing  it will be converted into broken rice as of 4.5% of paddy and in plain rice as 67% of paddy.
So, how can i configure in manufacturing process. i.e. BOM  and workorder??

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Use warehouse locations to indicate
1. Storage of Paddy when bought from market
2. Storage of manufactured Plain Rice, Broken Rice and Bran

Issue Paddy to Manufacturing from location 1
Receive manufactured goods into location 2 and sell from there.

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I couldn't Understand ??

Please describe this in terms of FA, i.e. how to create bom, how to release work order, how to issue paddy, how to produce ??

please describe it in step by step w.r.t. FA. what is quantity required  and other terms ??

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Please refer the wiki page on manufacturing.
I refers to 2 forum posts:

BOM Creation

Manufacturing Process (Raw material to Finished Goods)

Submit your findings on using it.