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Dear Sir,

How we can configure TDS ?? & How it is calculated in FA???

Waiting for your reply.

// Sumit Singh

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FrontAccounting have not special support for personal taxes, so you will have to entry the taxes manually when you are posting salaries via Journal Entry. If you are not sure how to do it, you should consult your local accountant - we have no knowledge about Indian Income Tax Act rules.


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Hi all,

I created an invoice for a customer for Rs. 50,000.

The customer following tax laws here in Pakistan deducted 6% as advance income tax and paid Rs. 47,000.

Now I can take payment of 47,000 and pass a JV deducting Accounts Receivable by 3000, but the problem is that the balance is still there in the customers statement.

how can I remove that customers balance?


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You should contact a local accountant for advise on this.

I would first make a customer payment on 50000.
After that I would make a JV/Bank payment and credit the bank account with 3000 and debit the account for the taxes from the original invoice.

Maybe your accountant has another approach.


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Thanks Joe, makes sense!