Hi Guys,

Something very strange happened, a new sales order is showing invoices and delivery notes linked to it from an order that is an year old.

See image https://ibb.co/n6Z4DQ6

The sales order created in Nov 2020 is showing associated invoices from Aug and Sep 2019. Also a delivery note is associated that is from Aug 2019. All these irrelevant linked documents/transactions belong to another customer they are not even from the same customer.

I was on 2.4.4 and I updated it to the latest 2.4.8 release thinking that it might fix it, but no luck. Does anyone know why this is happening and how to fix this issue?


It has been recently pointed out that the grand totals of the supplier aged report shows -0 in the grand total columns. Is this a bug? How do I fix this? Image from link: https://ibb.co/RN61HVY

Hi Ansar,

Please let me know your availability, I have sent you a private message with my contact info.

So I deleted and reinstalled the whole system. Followed this (https://frontaccounting.com/fawiki/index.php?n=Help.FiscalYears) step by step.

The problem here is that when I installed the system the default fiscal year is 1-1-2018 to 31-12-2018. I then create a small year 1-1-2019 to 30-6-2019 and another full year 1-7-2019 to 30-6-2020.

Now I close and delete 1-1-2018 to 31-12-2018 and also the small year 1-1-2019 to 30-6-2019. This is where the problem lies. Once these years are closed the sys_prefs.gl_closing_date is set to '2019-06-30'.

Now when I create 1-7-2018 to 30-6-2019 (which is the current year right now) and set it as the current year, the fiscal year closed error pops up as the gl_closing_date is set to '2019-06-30'.

So here's how I fixed this issue for myself:

1. I reinstalled the whole system again
2. Went in to the fiscal_year table and changed the years from (1-1-2018 to 31-12-2018) to (1-1-2017 to 31-12-2017)

Then followed the wiki link provided above and now everything is working properly.

I changed the dates in the fiscal year. The id 10 is now 18-19 and 11 is 19-20.

made the current fiscal year 18-19.

Still getting the error. I guess the variable gl_closing_date in the sys_prefs table is 2019-06-30 and that's where the issue lies.

I made the fiscal years by creating a makeshift one and then deleting old ones and creating them again, like stated in the wiki.

That's exactly how I ended up with the ID of the later year larger than the current one.

id      begin          end       closed
10 2019-07-01 2020-06-30   0
11 2018-07-01 2019-06-30   0

How do I fix this? To change the year from the default Jan-Dec, I had to close n delete the old ones and then create them again in the Jul-Jun format.

Can I just use an update query to switch the dates?

That's the first thing I checked. It's set correctly 1/7/2018 to 30/6/2019.


I recently installed FA 2.4.4

I deleted the fiscal years and set the year to 01/07/2018 to 30/06/2019.

Now when I add a direct invoice with the date as 04/11/2018 (4th Nov 2018) it gives an error:

"The entered date is out of fiscal year or is closed for further data entry."

I went into the code and commented the following code in the function is_date_in_fiscalyear($date, $date):

if (is_date_closed($date2))
        return 0;

The error stopped and I could enter the invoice.

This is the is_date_closed function:

function is_date_closed($date)
    return !date1_greater_date2($date, sql2date(get_company_pref('gl_closing_date')));

My gl_closing_date is 30/6/2019
The date entered in the invoice is 04/11/2018

So the function date1_greater_date2 returns false as my date1 is not greater than date2. The ! before the function means it will return true, which means the function is_date_in_fiscalyear will return false, which of course is not the right result.

Also the code further in the is_date_in_fiscalyear is:

        $myrow = get_current_fiscalyear();
    $begin = sql2date($myrow['begin']);
    $end = sql2date($myrow['end']);
    if (date1_greater_date2($begin, $date2) || date1_greater_date2($date2, $end))
        return 0;
    return 1;

This code checks if the transaction being entered is in the fiscal year, so I don't understand why we need is_date_closed function.

Now finally my question is that if I keep that code commented will it give me any problems?

It's 5:30 am here i'm running on caffine, I might be totally wrong here, I apologize if I am.

I replaced the report files that were provided above and it works perfectly now. Just the report page keeps showing this error:

"Unknown report parameter type:ORIENTATION"

Thanks Joe, makes sense!

Hi all,

I created an invoice for a customer for Rs. 50,000.

The customer following tax laws here in Pakistan deducted 6% as advance income tax and paid Rs. 47,000.

Now I can take payment of 47,000 and pass a JV deducting Accounts Receivable by 3000, but the problem is that the balance is still there in the customers statement.

how can I remove that customers balance?



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Thanks Joe and Wdickinson .. now i need to figure out how to recycle the server from my hosting account.


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I downloaded and renamed your po file to "en_US.po" and uploaded it to "lang/en_US/LC_MESSAGES" directory. The problem still exists.

Now there are 4 files in that directory:

1. en_US-2.3.0-1.po(this came with the language pack I installed earlier)
2. en_US-2.3.0-1.mo(this came with the language pack I installed earlier)
3. en_US.po
4. en_US.mo(this was already there with the installaion)

Both po files are set to translate the "TOTAL ORDER VAT INCL." to "TOTAL ORDER EX TAX".

I think this is the same problem @wdickinson has mentioned above. Changing the po file doesn't affect the text on the reports.

Also I'm repeating this from my previous post when I start a new company and create a sales quotation it correctly displays the line "TOTAL ORDER EX TAX", but in my existing companies it displays " "TOTAL ORDER VAT INCL.".

Seems like FA grabs the po file translation and saves it somewhere else in the db and doesn't change it when we edit the po file.


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There was no po file in the "lang/en_US/LC_MESSAGES" directory, only one mo file (en_US.mo). Now that I have installed English(US) 2.3.0-1 language pack I can see that there is a po file for that available in that directory(en_US-2.3.0-1.mo).

Can i download a the po file from somewhere and upload it to that directory to make it work with my existing companies?



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I downloaded and  made default the new English (en_US     English (US)     iso-8859-1     2.3.0-1) pack from Setup>Install/Update Languages and my sales quotations still show TOTAL ORDER EX VAT and TOTAL ORDER VAT INC.

The companies I have already created show VAT but the companies I create from now don't show VAT. how do i get the companies I currently have to not show VAT on sales quotes?

Thanks so much, this is a wonderful product and you guys give brilliant support.