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I have scoured the forum and found many helpful tips in getting my company setup.  Thanks to all in advnace, and specifically the dev's.  Thank you for your hard work.

My question has to do with form customizing.  I have switched from English to US English and verified changes are correct.  Still have an issue with references to VAT showing up on my quotes and sales orders.  Specifically to the right of Sales Person which I just removed from doctext, and from the TOTAL ORDER EX VAT and TOTAL ORDER VAT INCL

I have searched for those lines and do not seem to be able to find.  I would also like to remove the banking statement at the bottom.

Version is 2.3.12

Thanks in advance

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I guess these text is in the various report files.
If you install the English-US language pack, I guess you should have the correct texts, otherwise you could change the po and mo file with poEdit. You get the English-US language pack from the Setup tab, install/activate languages.


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Ok Joe, Thanks for your help.  +

I will see if I can figure out PO Edit.

Great product.


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Hopefully I can shed some more light on the problem.  i have downloaded poedit and can see all the changes you made from vat to sales tax etc.. Looks great.  Having said that None of it shows up correctly when a report is run.  Just to make sure I was right I deleted all the po and mo files from the accounting\language\ directory and everything still ran just fine, so I think there must be something stuck in memory.  I have confirmed via diagnostics that the system thinks it's using my po file.. So i'm confused.

I'll keep troubleshooting, any help would be great.

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I downloaded and  made default the new English (en_US     English (US)     iso-8859-1     2.3.0-1) pack from Setup>Install/Update Languages and my sales quotations still show TOTAL ORDER EX VAT and TOTAL ORDER VAT INC.

The companies I have already created show VAT but the companies I create from now don't show VAT. how do i get the companies I currently have to not show VAT on sales quotes?

Thanks so much, this is a wonderful product and you guys give brilliant support.


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Please have a look into the po file with poEdit. If it is not translated you can do it.


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There was no po file in the "lang/en_US/LC_MESSAGES" directory, only one mo file ( Now that I have installed English(US) 2.3.0-1 language pack I can see that there is a po file for that available in that directory(

Can i download a the po file from somewhere and upload it to that directory to make it work with my existing companies?


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You can download the po file here.

Please also check that the mo file has the same name before the dot.


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I downloaded and renamed your po file to "en_US.po" and uploaded it to "lang/en_US/LC_MESSAGES" directory. The problem still exists.

Now there are 4 files in that directory:

1. en_US-2.3.0-1.po(this came with the language pack I installed earlier)
2. came with the language pack I installed earlier)
3. en_US.po
4. was already there with the installaion)

Both po files are set to translate the "TOTAL ORDER VAT INCL." to "TOTAL ORDER EX TAX".

I think this is the same problem @wdickinson has mentioned above. Changing the po file doesn't affect the text on the reports.

Also I'm repeating this from my previous post when I start a new company and create a sales quotation it correctly displays the line "TOTAL ORDER EX TAX", but in my existing companies it displays " "TOTAL ORDER VAT INCL.".

Seems like FA grabs the po file translation and saves it somewhere else in the db and doesn't change it when we edit the po file.

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Re: Total Order EX Vat removal

If it helps anyone, this is how I resolved step by step.  Don't forget the IISreset at the end!

Go download poedit and install

Problem was fixed by editing the *.po file in your language directory.  In my case I'm using en_US.  My path is C:\inetpub\wwwroot\accounting\lang\en_US\LC_MESSAGES

Inside that folder is an po file called en_us-2.3.0-1.  Open that and do a search for the term you want.

In our case search for Total Order EX Vat.  It will show up as down at the bottom under source text.  Whatever you want it to say type in the translation box below.  In my case I changed it to say Total Order EX Tax.

Once you make your changes click the save button.  I don't think you need to hit update

Recycle your web server.. I use IIS, so I did an IISRESET from an elevated command prompt.

Re: Total Order EX Vat removal

Thanks Joe and Wdickinson .. now i need to figure out how to recycle the server from my hosting account.