Topic: Release 2.4.3

Release 2.4.3 is available for download at SourceForge.

This is a 2.4.3 release.
This release is now PHP 7.X compatible.
This version fixes a couple of serious bugs as well as some minor bugs. Please report any bugs/problems found via our Mantis Bugtracker at

Download instructions
In Sourceforge FrontAccounting(, select 
Files -> FrontAccounting 2.4 ->2.4.3: For Windows users select the zip file. For all other users select the tar.gz file.


  • Fixed invalid reference number update in document edition.

  • Fix in date2sql function.

  • Fix for too many parameters in submit_return.

  • Option for Company Logo on Reports.

  • Right align numbers in inquiries and lists.

  • The variable $show_voided_gl_trans has been removed. Not used in 2.4.

  • Test for open_ssl in extensions.

  • Fixed user config values unavailable error generated before user login

  • Fixed Bug in includes\ui\

  • After successful Backup, loader.gif was still present - fixed.

  • Fixed error in getting exchange rate from Google

  • Fixed bug in exchange rate display helper.

  • Fixed reference number refresh on conflict during concurrent sales documents entry.

  • Fixed debtor_trans primary key to allow multiply AR/AP accounts in journal transactions.

  • On the fly editing (F2, F3 and F4) fix.

  • PHP7 compatibility fixes.

  • Fixed memory limit during database export.

  • Workaround for seg faults in some buggy php encoding library versions.


  • Fix in Popup Customer Window. Extended width to 700.

  • Fixed Logical Bugin Customer Balances Report.

  • Old Sales Quote Reference Fix

  • Sales Invoice: fixed tax included amount position.

  • New option for showing both Short Names and Names in Customer lists.

  • Fixed bug in Customer Balances and Customer Statements reports when using Journal Entry for making entries in AR account.

  • Right align numbers in customer inquiry.

  • Bug in presenting journal transactions in AR/AP Reports.

  • Better wrapping on comments in documents.

  • A bug in Customer Allocations fixed.

  • Added prepayment amount invoiced in Prepayment Invoice view.

  • Customer Inquiry: removed inconsistency in unsettled/overdue transactions.


  • [0003964] Fixed bug in voiding GRN.

  • New Company Option for showing both Short Names and Names in Supplier lists.

  • Fixed bug in reallocation payments during purchase invoice edition.

  • Bug in presenting journal transactions in AR/AP Reports.

  • Better wrapping on comments in documents.

  • Supplier Inquiry: removed inconsistency in unsettled/overdue transactions.

  • Fixed wrong colspan in supplier credit note.

Items and Inventory

  • Fixed bug in product average cost calculations.

  • Add Items on the Fly. Behavior Changed in FA24. Fixed.

  • Items: fixed item tax type selector to exclude inactive item tax types.


  • Top manufactured dashboard shows wrong statistics. Fixed.

Fixed Assets

Bank and General Ledger

  • Group Total in Trial Balance on Screen.

  • Profit and Loss Statement. Compensate for to-date = leap-year in period compare.

  • Searching Journal Inquiry by user not working. Fixed

  • Fixed Tax Report on Screen.

Re: Release 2.4.3

The set of files that can be used to overwrite their counterparts in an existing FA 2.4.2 installation to update it to FA 2.4.3 is attached herewith.

Tamil, Hindi and Arabic languages stand fully translated in the FA24extensions repo.
Tamil, Hindi and Arabic have their install wizards fully translated too in my repo.
See this post for details and downloads.

Post release commits are listed here.

Anyone upgrading from FA 2.4.2 to this version will need to manually apply the database fixes to every company as detailed in this post.

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Re: Release 2.4.3

The efforts of the last few weeks that led to this release is fantastic.

The forum activity has been summarised and attached.

The forum continues to receive spam (40% of all email verified registrations) and timely manual monitoring and quick remedial  intervention on the part of the devs and conscientious users have kept it relatively clean.

12% of all downloads from SourceForge in the last 3 months are from India as on date. The Spoken Tutorial project's FA Videos and Workshops in India have contributed to it's gaining popularity in India.

Thank you one and all for keeping the FA flag up and waving.

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Re: Release 2.4.3

@itronics: The official release of FA 2.4.3 in SourceForge in it's tar.gz and .zip formats have CRLF DOS Style line endings. Kindly re-package the release.

Packages stand re-packaged with proper LF line endings as of 2017-12-11.

Those on the debian linux platform can do the following (alter path as required) if you have already installed it:

apt-get install dos2unix

find /var/www/frontac -type f \
     -name "*.php" \
     -o -name "*.css" \
     -o -name "*.js" \
     -o -name "*.txt" \
     -o -name "*.inc" \
     -o -name "*.sql" \
    | xargs dos2unix

In the meanwhile, users can get the official release from the GitHub commit here or from the SourceForge commit here..

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Re: Release 2.4.3

Updated AU, UK, PH, IN, SG, CN general 4 digit Charts for new sys_prefs variables.
Updated also for Prepaid sales enablement with Deferred Income account inclusion.

New installs using these charts will match with the standard schema of the default charts. The Indian and Australian fiscal years too have been taken into account. Check out the FA24extensions repo for the latest files, fork it if you want to submit pull requests of your changes and follow the commits there.

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Re: Release 2.4.3

Post Release FA 2.4.3+ fixes attached herein.

See this post on db updation and this post on prepaid invoice enablement.

Read this Forum Post if you are on any PHP version older than and not including PHP 5.6.

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Re: Release 2.4.3

Pending Issues:
1. Accounting for expenses as part of Cost of Goods Purchased
2. Request to add 100% translated Hindi and Tamil in Install Wizard - Commited with 1, 2.
3. Update Language Packs for Hindi and Tamil
4. Account and Type Ordering
5. Merge Customers
6. Unable to Edit or Void a Credit Note - Was postponed to later minor release earlier
7. Multiple Sales Orders into Single Delivery - Feature Request - Currently keep editing a Single Sales Order till delivery. Was postponed to later minor release earlier
8. Move add_access_extensions(); to from all themes and extensions - being studied for Ajax and related security issues.
9. Remember Inquiry forms date / date ranges
10. Clone and Edit Sales Quote

11. Default Bank Account in select box order. - Committed
12. Zero price Supplier Invoice Item Entry
13. Backup Upload Fix - revert to multi-part form - Committed
14. Fixed Assets Depreciation Processing Fix - Committed
15. Voided Transaction Number re-used for new one errors out on old records present
16. Wrong Error Message - Committed.

Re: Release 2.4.3

Hello ApMuthu,

Thank you for keeping track of so many things.
I got bit busy with the daily work on business in my 2.4.2 version, which I have implement for running accounts.
But I've been reading the posts and updates and so thank you very much for including point 7 above, along with everything else.

I am hoping to switch to 2.4.3 once few of the below are updated, and I hope I can do that using your post which suggests copying the new files from 2.4.3 to older 2.4.2 installation directly.

Regards and thanks