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in FA 2.4.3, the Default currency account is ignored in the customer payments Page (customer_payments.php)
i always get the 1st option in the bank account table and not the Default currency account.

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Re: Default currency account

I see the attached image,,   
the problem is when setting the default bank account.. it should be shown as the 1st item in the list.

right now if you have the following bank accounts

ABC Bank
DDB Bank
XZY Bank
and your default is XZY Bank.

when you want to create a customer payment, ABC would be the 1st in the banks list , not the default.
so the user of the system should always remember to change it to XZY Bank.. which is an extra unneeded step

in 2.3 the default value would be the 1st to show up in the list of banks.

Re: Default currency account

We are looking into this. Stay put smile


Re: Default currency account

ty bro <3

Re: Default currency account

@itronics committed fix.

Re: Default currency account

Thanks a lot..
works pretty well now.