Topic: edit quote options

I'm trying to hack the script so I can have a " save as new quote" button on Modifying Sales Quotation page.

customer wants quote for the following options:



... you get the point

so instead of entering 3 individual quotes, you can edit first quote and "save as new quote" instead. other wise is redundant to copy each item over and over again.

this will also give you the option to save changes made to existing quotes.
as a manufacturing company, you get a lot of changes from customers, so you need to be able to keep track of this changes, because they might go back to original quote (which you currently don't have anymore )

any help will be much appreciated!

Re: edit quote options

Copy Quote to new one - nice feature indeed.
Copy Quote to another customer - one more nice feature.


Re: edit quote options

Janusz will have a look at this. Sounds like a good idea.


Re: edit quote options

please move this post to Wish List so it's not overlooked smile

Re: edit quote options

Listed in the Pending Issues post.

In the meanwhile, export a quote and import it as a new one after modifying it or after importing it.