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rafat wrote:


One thing for sure..stock FA 2.4.x does not support Tax on Bank Payments, deposits..etc..

The question is why not, since in RSA the banks charge VAT on all their baning transaction fees and account fees. There is no other way that these VAT can be incorporated into the TAX Report since it is only displayed on your bank statement. No separate VAT invoice is issued by the bank.

I can understand that it is not all banking transactions, but when you create a quick entry with VAT inclusive for bank cost and account fees, all of that is automated. Just enter the amount.

Any other transaction that happens once-off, who is not a customer or supplier will be handled the same way, although you have an invoice as proof.

Hi Joe,

I am on 2.4.9 and I do not see this selection on the trial balance report. Why would that be?

(Do not worry, found it on the drill-down, not the report.) Thanks


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It seems that this bug has now reared its head again with the last update for report 709. TAX Report. The new one is not incorporating the VAT on bank costs from the bank accounts payment. Reverted back to the previous version of 2.3.25 report.

I have been watching this module developed over a number of years. I have not used it to date, since I do the records for these assets in a macro excel spreadsheet with all the individual assets, classes, venues etc. and just enter the accumulated depreciation and depreciation for a particular year.

Now that FA has developed this module, and I want to import 100's of assets from the previous excel spreadsheet, it seems that somehow it will be quite a complicated process to add these assist one by one, into FA. Some still have depreciable values whilst others are already at Zero.

This seems to be too much of an effort to add these hundreds of individual assets.

Any alternative suggestions that we could add to the wiki for the take on of existing assets.

Braath, I think you are correct. I will test again with the view of the transaction open, then edit and see what it does. I suspect that might be the problem.

Thanks will watch for that.

I could not find anything in the forum search but did found an answer on a google search on the following topic:

Worked great.

Thanks apmuthu.

Is there a way that one could transfer a credit amount from one customer to another customer?

For example, if the customers are related companies, and Company nr 1 have a credit amount and company nr 2 have an outstanding debit balance. The customer gave written permission to allocate Company 1's credit to company 2.

Will appreciate your help since the normal Journal entry are not capable of doing that, since it does not post to specific customer only to the Debtors Control Account.

It only happens when you edit the Customer payment date. It should normally retain the original reference number, but for some or other reason the reference number stays in the system upon editing and when you want to save the payment after editing or change to a different customer, the system gives the error that the reference number already exists. It is not always, or it may be on second change.

If you have already reconciled the payment, the system will unreconcile the entry after saving the change.

said.omn wrote:

Hello, guys.

For example one of my customers has an invoice of $1000 but he prefers to pay the extra amount and keep it in the system for future purchases.

When I register the invoice payment I enter a $3000 instead of $1000, does the system keeps the extra credit in the system and notify me when the customer purchases again that he has credit where I can still the payment from?

Your advice is highly appreciated.

Yes, you can. Do normal Customer Payment. Add the $1000 amount next to invoice for the outstanding amount. The balance of the $2000 will be added to "Amount" and change the $1000 to $3000. The $1000 will then be allocated to the invoice and the balance will show as a credit.

On the issue of the next invoice for the customer: Go to Sales/Transactions/ Allocate Customer payment or Credit Notes and allocate the balance against the new invoice.

Trust this will help.

Then change

Hi Rafat

It happens on 2.4.9 when you would go Sales => Inquiries and reports => Customer transaction Inquiry or  Banking and General Ledger => Inquiries and Reports => Journal Inquiry. You cannot edit Supplier payments, do not know why not, but all the others that you would edit and then try and save again give the error that the reference number already exists.

Then you change the number to the next number, after that no auto number increase. You now have to go back to Setup => Company Setup => Transaction Reference and change the relevant  Transaction Type Reference number for the auto increase to work again. Maybe some form of change to the Setup to change the auto number +1 on the one that you just changed, for the next number.

I do not know if it might be that in 2.4 the References have changed and I am still using the 2.3 type layout that was converted in 2.4.

PHP 7.4.14 
MySQLi  5.5.5-10.3.27-MariaDB

Hope this will help.


when you edit a bank payment, it indicated that the reference number of the edited entry already exists. After that, the auto increase in the reference number does not work.

When you manually change the number to the next available number, the system does not auto increase that number after that.

One has to go back to the "Setup/Reference Numbers"  and change it there to increase again.

Next time, you edit another bank payment, the same problem oocur.

Kind regards

boxygen wrote:

The bug I am going to detail here needs a scenario.

Using on Journal Entry I recorded the Opening Balances of all customers.
Upon recording payment for one out of those customers I encountered following error.

/PATH-TO-FA/includes/errors.inc:207:    trigger_error('DATABASE ERROR : duplicate debtor transactions found for given params
sql that failed was : SELECT trans.*,ov_amount+ov_gst+ov_freight+ov_freight_tax+ov_discount AS Total,cust.name AS DebtorName, cust.address, cust.curr_code, cust.tax_id, trans.prep_amount>0 as prepaid,com.memo_, branch.* FROM debtor_trans trans LEFT JOIN comments com ON trans.type=com.type AND trans.trans_no=com.id LEFT JOIN shippers ON shippers.shipper_id=trans.ship_via, debtors_master cust, cust_branch branch WHERE trans.trans_no='96' AND trans.type='0' AND trans.debtor_no=cust.debtor_no AND branch.branch_code = trans.branch_code

/PATH-TO-FA/sales/includes/db/cust_trans_db.inc:214:    display_db_error('duplicate debtor transactions found for given params','SELECT trans.*,ov_amount+ov_gst+ov_freight+ov_freight_tax+ov_discount AS Total,cust.name AS DebtorName, cust.address, cust.curr_code, cust.tax_id, trans.prep_amount>0 as prepaid,com.memo_, branch.* FROM &TB_PREF&debtor_trans trans LEFT JOIN &TB_PREF&comments com ON trans.type=com.type AND trans.trans_no=com.id LEFT JOIN &TB_PREF&shippers ON &TB_PREF&shippers.shipper_id=trans.ship_via, &TB_PREF&debtors_master cust, &TB_PREF&cust_branch branch WHERE trans.trans_no='96' AND trans.type='0' AND trans.debtor_no=cust.debtor_no AND branch.branch_code = trans.branch_code ','1')
/PATH-TO-FA/includes/ui/allocation_cart.inc:381:    get_customer_trans('96','0')
/PATH-TO-FA/sales/customer_payments.php:222:    check_allocations()
/PATH-TO-FA/sales/customer_payments.php:236:    can_process()

The reason for this bug is that multiple customer payments are recorded for One Transaction Number and Same Transaction Type.

I found the solution to this is to add 3rd argument in function call get_customer_trans() in /includes/ui/allocation_cart.inc as below on Line#399

                $trans = get_customer_trans($_SESSION['alloc']->allocs[$counter]->type_no, $_SESSION['alloc']->allocs[$counter]->type, $_SESSION['alloc']->person_id);

I hope this shall not cause any other bug.

The suggested solution for line 399 worked. Will report if I find another issue as a result.

I also experience this issue where I had to do a journal entry to fix the Debtors control account and outstanding balances. Now because there is an unallocated journal entry, I cannot process the Allocate Customer Payment nor add Customer payment nor Bank Deposit.  When I process nothing happens. This means that the client account is stuck, but the debtor's control account balances is now correct.

How do we fix this issue?

I, I see this has been an issue for quite some time. The only way to fix this is to go into databse but that can get messy. Another option is to Void the transaction and redo the transaction.

It would be nice if the supplier payment can be edited, since it happens that you pays from Cash instead of from bank.  The same would be if you made a wrong partial payment and want to correct it.

Even through the journall enquiry, it is not possible to edit the transaction.


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What happened to the existing CoA for South Africa.

It seems that with 2.4.8 it is now the standard American chart of accounts?

With 2.3 there was an elaborate chart of accounts.

HI all

Have not been part of the discussion for a while.

The changes from @Braath Waate worked within the 3.4.7 but it seems to be broken in 3.4.8 again. Not pulling the VAT from GL Bank payments and receipts, nor Journal corrections.

Is anybody else experiencing the problem again?


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I have tried to get it to work but without any success.

Setup menu does not display at all, I could activate the setup in Install/Activate extensions and allocated it to the company Activated section, but nothing show in the setup tab.

I was told to try the following by the hosting provider in the php ini file:
sendmail_path = /usr/sbin/sendmail -t -i -f 'email@mydomain.coza'

I do not know if this will work however?


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Hi all

I am sitting with the same issue on the new VPS that I moved to.

On the shared server the normal email functions was fine most of the time, but on the VPS the "from"  line use to read: myemail@mycompanydomain.coza

On the VPS it is the same exept it has the "cpanelname@servername.coza on behalf of Compny name <myemail@mycompanydomain.coza>

According to the hosting provider, the VPS does not have cloud linux installed, since it costs extra, where shred server have this isntalled, and thus the reason for the above problem.

I have now trying to install https://github.com/serbanconstantinescu/fa_mail_phpmailer and will see what it does.

I have been using PHPlist (Mailing list) for a long time and they have implemented and option to use the normal php's mail() function or you could change the smtp settings in the config file using phpmailer6 , maybe you could have a look at it.

My deliverability is better with the smtp function through my mail server.

Will see if the serban idea will work and report back


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when you do a Supplier Inquiry the Purchase Order Delivery is showing for all years and not just the auto period selected. This means that your first page could be just full of old Purchase Order Delivery items.

Will appreciate if this could be fixed.


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Hi @apmuthu

On the new version the en_ZA chart of accounts and the en_za language does not display the Tax Invoice on the invoice when printed?

Did the language setup change, or how can I fix this in a new installation of 2.4.7 en_ZA.


Thanks @braath Waate.

It works well.

When doing report - General Journal Reports / List of Journal Entries / Select Type: Tax Invoice, does not display the customer / person name only the memo. If there is nothing in memo, the field is blank.


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Thanks poncho tested and it works.

Thanks guys, its works.

Thanks Joe and Braath. Have downloaded it. Will check later, but I think we nailed it now.