What happened to the existing CoA for South Africa.

It seems that with 3.4.8 it is now the standard American chart of accounts?

With 2.3 there was an elaborate chart of accounts.

HI all

Have not been part of the discussion for a while.

The changes from @Braath Waate worked within the 3.4.7 but it seems to be broken in 3.4.8 again. Not pulling the VAT from GL Bank payments and receipts, nor Journal corrections.

Is anybody else experiencing the problem again?


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I have tried to get it to work but without any success.

Setup menu does not display at all, I could activate the setup in Install/Activate extensions and allocated it to the company Activated section, but nothing show in the setup tab.

I was told to try the following by the hosting provider in the php ini file:
sendmail_path = /usr/sbin/sendmail -t -i -f 'email@mydomain.coza'

I do not know if this will work however?


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Hi all

I am sitting with the same issue on the new VPS that I moved to.

On the shared server the normal email functions was fine most of the time, but on the VPS the "from"  line use to read: myemail@mycompanydomain.coza

On the VPS it is the same exept it has the "cpanelname@servername.coza on behalf of Compny name <myemail@mycompanydomain.coza>

According to the hosting provider, the VPS does not have cloud linux installed, since it costs extra, where shred server have this isntalled, and thus the reason for the above problem.

I have now trying to install https://github.com/serbanconstantinescu/fa_mail_phpmailer and will see what it does.

I have been using PHPlist (Mailing list) for a long time and they have implemented and option to use the normal php's mail() function or you could change the smtp settings in the config file using phpmailer6 , maybe you could have a look at it.

My deliverability is better with the smtp function through my mail server.

Will see if the serban idea will work and report back


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when you do a Supplier Inquiry the Purchase Order Delivery is showing for all years and not just the auto period selected. This means that your first page could be just full of old Purchase Order Delivery items.

Will appreciate if this could be fixed.


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Hi @apmuthu

On the new version the en_ZA chart of accounts and the en_za language does not display the Tax Invoice on the invoice when printed?

Did the language setup change, or how can I fix this in a new installation of 2.4.7 en_ZA.


Thanks @braath Waate.

It works well.

When doing report - General Journal Reports / List of Journal Entries / Select Type: Tax Invoice, does not display the customer / person name only the memo. If there is nothing in memo, the field is blank.


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Thanks poncho tested and it works.

Thanks guys, its works.

Thanks Joe and Braath. Have downloaded it. Will check later, but I think we nailed it now.

Why is the _7 missing in the sting for emailing recurring invoices?

Where would this be coded?

Yes, for some or other reason I had it the wrong way around:

On the one system I have FA 2.4.4  with PHP Version 7.1 and the other system I have FA 2.4.6 and PHPversion 7.1 Both have the same issue not sending email on recurring invoices.

Normal email tax invoice is the one:


The one without the _7 is then recurring invoice email.


On the Direct Invoice creation email option it has the following for email function:


On recurrent invoices the email option have the following:


It seems like the difference is that the recuurent invoice has a _7=0&REP_ID=107 whereas the Direct invoice email function have _6=1&REP_ID=107

Maybe you can figure out the difference, but I think the recurrent invoice email option should not have the _7, since the print function does not have a _7

Trust this will help to resolve the issue?


With the new IFRIS standards and company compliance in Europe, RSA etc is becoming requirements to submit annual reports in the XBRL language, seems like Excel format report.

XBRL (eXtensible Business Reporting Language) is a freely available and global framework for exchanging business information. XBRL allows the expression of semantic meaning commonly required in business reporting. ... XBRL is a standards-based way to communicate and exchange business information between business systems.

Is there any indication if FA will implement this to comply with the XBRL standards?


Thanks for that. appreciated

Thanks Rafat.

In 2.3 it was below the General Notes on the righthand side, once the branch has been opened.

Function is now displayed in a different way.

Braath, Thanks for the feedback.

They both point to REP_ID=107

You can email it from sales reports, and you can mail it from Template invoices but not from Recurring invoices. Normally it would display a green bar that the email was successfull, but it does not do anything.

One change in 2.4 is more flexible reference numbers.  Perhaps PARAM_0 or PARAM_1 have some unsupported special characters?

Surely it would use the same PARAM is the email function is used either via Sales Reports, or after editing the invoice via Transaction Inquiry?

2. The next step then would be to instrument these pages to see where the call is being dropped

Have no idea what you are talking about here.

3.  Look to see if the email is being sent out of your system.

There is nothing. not send, no record.

Hi, we used to have a line where the customer would sign that they received the delivery.

What happened to that line, and how can we get that back?

One customer three branches. One branch close down.

I cannot see a selection to disable the branch. You cannot delete the branch since it has transactions.

Please advise if this is deliberate or just an oversight.  2.3.26 had a selection to disable the branch.

I had to login via the cpanel PHPmyadmin and set branch from 0 to 1 in the database table.

apmuthu wrote:

There might be a delay in generating the PDF file that needs to be emailed. Try a sleep time waster or check for the presence of the last invoice in the PDF before attempting to email.


Have no idea what your are suggesting with sleep time waster.

In 2.3.26 it worked fine, no issues. In 2.4 nothing happens once you created the repeating invoice and you select the email invoice. You can open and print the invoice in pdf, but not mail it.

I think it is not reading the customer email addres or something. Not sure what the inner workings is supposed to do her and how that would differ from the normal direct or template invoice creations?


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This is a topic that keeps popping up. Has any progress been made? what happened to @tclim?

No progress at all?

itronics wrote: Regarding till slips, there is no direct support in FA for this type of sales, but there are two workflows which could be used here. First, you can use generic 'retail customer', and register all such transactions as Customer Delivery documents for this generic customer. Then once a day you can make Batch Invoice against those deliveries, which would appear in Tax Report as expected. This workflow is suitable if you want to track all your sales correctly on the stock level. Second method is just entering your daily sales summary report using Journal Entry page, with 'Include in tax register' option enabled.

This solutions is time consuming and not needed. In the bank account payment line items you can setup quick entry with two line for bank cost, 1 vir Account fees and next line for INPUT VAT. If the report then do not read the payments in the banking, the client cannot claim the VAT. If the EU does not charge VAT then the VAT in the bank account would be 0.

It seems the only solution is to revert back to 2.3.26. To many reports have changed from 2.3 to 2.4 and is not delievering the same results as under 2.3.

Other reports are the delivery reports. No LIne to sign. (I will search elsewhere if there is a solution).

Another problem that I will address elsewhere is the deactivation or closure of a  Customer branch, unless I miss the option. I a customer has three branches, their is no way to close the one an retain the other three. In 2.3 we had that option. Do not know if this is a bug that needs to be reported in Mantis.

It seems that the changes brings more and more challenges and everything is going in circles.

This is costing my clients time and money, and in dealing with the complaints is another challenge. I value all the work that everyone is doing.  It is highly appreciated.

I have tried to find a solution for the problem, but it is still persising only on the mailing of the recurring invoice once the recurring invoice is generated.

This issue is still not resolved.

When I go Sales/ Create and Print Recurrent Tax Invoices / Create invoice with new description and date. You get two options after the creation of the new invoice:

1. Print recurring invoice
2. Email recurring invoice

When I select option 1. Print Recurring Invoice -> It is fine and display and print correctly.
When I select option 2. Email recurring Invoice ->  It Does not email the invoice at all and display no message in the browser that the mail was send for example: TAX INVOICE IN-01284 has been sent by email to destination. Email: admin@domain.com

I then have one of two options to email the invoice:

Option 1: Go to Sales -> Inquiries and Reports -> Customer Transactions Inquiry -> select the invoice to modify and when finished you save and get the options to print and to email invoice. When emailed from here it sends the email and displays in a green bar confirming that email was send and to whom: TAX INVOICE IN-01284 has been sent by email to destination. Email: admin@domain.com

2. Go to Sales Reports/ Select the Invoice to print/display/email. Select email options and click display. The email sends and is confirmed as send and received by client displaying: TAX INVOICE IN-01284 has been sent by email to destination. Email: admin@domain.com

I do not know why the email recurring invoice is not working on the email recurring invoice tab once the invoice is created


itronics wrote:

@Braath  Waate

Summarizing, third of your assumption is not valid. But if there is any scenario when assumptions  1,2, or 4 seems still not work, we have  aug which should be fixed.


Number 3 is also important, since the Bank Account is technically a supplier of service to you, and you pay VAT on Bank transaction Costs, Aditional serves, and Bank Account fees and any other fees that the bank would charge. These services carry service Input Tax that needs to be part of the claim back against your invoice, Supplier and Customer Credit Notes VAT payble.

Part of payments through the bank account might be cash transaction with till slips wher some amounts are VAT claimable. These are normally done through the Cash Payment or Petty Cash Paymnts, since you are not setting up a supplier account for every shop where you are going to buy stuff for the business, but they do issue a Cash Till VAT Receipt (Invoice).

Must I now setup the Bank as a supplier, Issue Supplier Invoices for each line item that is Vatable on the bank statement, and then make a supplier payment. This is tons of extra work that is not neeeded.

When you write Customer payments off as bad debt, you cannot use the Customer Credit Note so that you can claim back the VAT. I created a Bad Debt recon Account as a "Bank Account" so that the process against a Customer with bad debt is easier, but under 2.4 that did not pull through to the Tax report.

If in other areas they d not use GL accounts or Banking and General Journa to write back VAT, then they will have no such line transaction. It should only display where youve the folliwng:

Bank Cost: $2.00
Vat:  $0.20

Then this transaction will be displayed in the tax report as INPUT VAT. this is not happening with the current 2.4 reports, but was displaying in the 2.3 report709. So something clearly changed between 2.4 and 2.3 report709.

@Braath changes did address this issue in report709.

I did not specifically noticed the problem in the beginnig but had to resubmit the bank cost and cash payments in the Petty Cash after noticing the issue.

Trust this will help.