My companies are sole props.  When I did beginning balances by creating entries in the previous "dummy" year, I had a dilemma as to how to enter existing fixed assets easily. My solution was to setup the Owner's Equity account as a Bank Checking Account, then make the purchase for the assets through that bank account.  This absolutely worked - when I closed out the dummy BB year, I had no problems.

Perhaps you could do something similar

@Joe, any chance to visit 5697 and re-visit 5682 before minor release?

The description problem still exists.  Once a PO is cut, the ENTIRE PO should remain as it was when it was cut unless it is later intentionally edited.  If the price is changed later for the item for that supplier, we do not go back and change the price in the PO that was already cut.  That being said, then why go back and change the description in an existing PO?  Once the description is set for an item in a PO, LIKE the price it should remain as it was set when cut UNLESS it is deliberately edited.

As far as the pricing goes, I would recommend removing the rounding.

Tested and it works on MySQL 8.0.30 Ubuntu. Thank you!

When can we get this fixed?  I do not have prefixes.  Cannot edit groups and the customer branch edit/create is not functional as well

1.  When processing monthly depreciation in Fixed Assets, a Journal Record is created with multiple Journal Dates corresponding to the last day of each month that the depreciation is distributed.

2.  The Event Date and Document Date are NOT editable prior to processing the depreciation, and default to the CURRENT SYSTEM DATE rather than 12/31 of the depreciation year.

3.  If the need arises to edit this Journal entry for ANY reason, there is NO WAY to edit the individual Journal Dates for each month that the depreciation was processed.  When the Journal is updated, ALL of the Journal Dates are changed to the SINGLE Journal date displayed/entered in the SINGLE Journal Date field.

1.  Process a multiple monthly depreciation for a Fixed Asset.
2.  Go to Journal Inquiry in GL Module.
3.  Edit the Journal entry corresponding to the processed depreciation, updating the entry.
4.  Observe results outlined above.

Item 3 in the Description occurs because there is no way in the GL Journal entry to enter different Journal Dates on individual line entries, even though the database design fully supports this.

In order to correct this fully, the GL Journal entry/edit needs to support different Journal Dates line by line, OR the depreciation processed needs to have totally separate Journal Records for EACH MONTH processed.

FYI tried to report via Mantis but got "form security token" error.

This is important, especially on purchases.  In a periodic inventory system, it is not an issue.  But in a real-time inventory system, actual cost principle dictates that any purchase discounts be applied to the COGS account for each item.  Currently, I see no mechanism to automatically distribute the discount taken in a supplier payment to the individual COGS accounts for the items purchased.  The Purchase Discount Account should have an option to use the Purchase account.  Then, if the Purchase Account is set to use the Item Inventory/COGS Account, the Purchase Discount taken when paid should be distributed properly to the respective COGS accounts.


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Maybe not that massive of an undertaking....some thoughts.

* In setup have option to use branch.
* Allow branch to use and designate segment(s) of GL account to correspond to branch.  I currently use 8 segment chart alpha-numeric with position 3 as the branch, as in xxBxxxxx.  In the db, I use an AS CS collation, so with that one segment I have more definitive choices than I need (upper/lower case and numeric).  In the setup, you could select one OR MORE consecutive segment(s) to be used for the branch identifier.  In my case, I use segment 3.
* This allows a GL account scheme that can "roll-up" using account groups, yet keep the accounts for the branch separate.
* Dimensions/Tags further assist with reports.
* You could then use the option in the Inventory Location setup to assign a location to a Branch Code that would match the code in the designated GL segment(s).
* Option to have the Branch location print out on customer sales/invoice/delivery documents.
* Having this option defined would allow separate branch account groups to be more easily closed (automated) at year end, having branch income/expense accounts moving to the appropriate branch balance accounts.
* I could see how security at a branch level could be implemented with this scheme.

Anyway, would love to hear thoughts/possibilities on this. Thanks!


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Thanks for working to repro this....was beginning to think it was just me!


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My environment:
Apache 2.4.48
PHP 8.0.8
Ubuntu Impish 21.10
Network Attached HP Color Laser
I also used the base Queue Name, but added the class to eliminate that as a possible cause of the problem.

So, unless the later above versions introduced a problem with using this print config, I am lost.


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Any possibility to get the FA print system updated to directly support modern print options (CUPS)?



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No, but I sure would like to.


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Thanks so much!

I have gone through the posts, and am getting a better picture, but some things are still disjointed.

A detailed instruction or flow for closings would be most helpful.  It would also help to understand the best way to setup accounts within FA. Understanding the end-game flow helps to better understand overall setup to begin with. Perhaps a good place would be in the wiki?



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OK, I had made an improper assumption.  Is there anywhere that the closure routines are documented as far as what they do?  That would be helpful.  Thanks!


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Assets = Liabilities + Owner/Stockholder Equity

Suppose Owner's Equity account# is 3300
If yearly P&L were a temporary account# of Class Type Equity, say 3400, then...

Say prior to Year end close...
3300 balance 30K, 3400 balance 20k

Assets = Liabilities + Owner's Equity
150K   = 100K      + 50K

Now Year Close...
3300 balance 50k, 3400 balance 0
Assets = Liabilities + Owner's Equity
150K   = 100K      + 50K

Why should this NOT be allowed to follow local country standards?


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According to my accountant, following US standards, current year P&L account should be a Capital Account (ie Equity Class Type).  It is normally a "temporary" account that is transferred to the Retained Earnings account at year end.

This seems to be in line with what x_roast is referring to in Romanian standards.  I have run across this same problem stated in multiple posts in this forum as well as GL.  I can make it work by setting it up as an expense class, but this seems to run against what my accountant is saying as well as all of the reference documentation that I have found on the subject.

Could it be that India's standards are different than others?  Would it really make any difference whether current P&L account is Expense or Equity class as far as the way the FA system works?


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No such entries in /etc/hosts


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When printing in FA to Ubuntu Server localhost cups-lpd queue, print fails with "Printer does not acept the job (0)" error message.

When printing from another system to the same cups-lpd queue, the printer works normally.

Summary steps for setup:
installed cups-bsd package
installed cups
setup HP Color Laserjet M281cdw printer in cups
setup class queue and added printer
setup cups-lpd daemon using xinetd with logging
in FA, setup printer using class queue
attempted print, received  "Printer does not acept the job (0)" error highlighted in red
systemscl status xinetd has the following entries for the cups-lpd daemon:
     Connection from localhost (IPv4
     Print waiting jobs (no-op)
     Closing connection
     Connection from localhost (IPv4
     Receive print job for CLanOffColLasM281
     Closing connection
the corresponding cups-lpd log entries are:
     START printer pid=41149 from=::ffff:
     START printer pid=41150 from=::ffff:
     EXIT printer status=0 pid=41149 duration=0(sec)
     EXIT printer status=1 pid=41150 duration=0(sec)

I then setup another computer to print to the port on the failing system using lpd protocol.  The print test succeded
systemscl status xinetd has the following entries for the cups-lpd daemon:
     Connection from BRADS-DELL-LAP.aisg.local (IPv4
     Receive print job for CLanOffColLasM281
     Print file - job ID = 15
     Closing connection
the corresponding cups-lpd log entries are:
     START printer pid=41324 from=::ffff:
     EXIT printer status=0 pid=41324 duration=0(sec)

Please advise.


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Yes, same tax entity and yes, different company (dba). Let me explain...
Tax entity is a sole prop.  As a sole prop, the tax entity is the sole prop owner.  But different dba "companies" under the same sole prop have different books, but they need to "roll up". COA is segmented to support this.  Invoice needs to show "dba" name, not business entity name.


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So, this requires a code mod?  No way to do it "out of the box?"


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OK, now how do I get the location name and address to print out on the sales orders and invoices?


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Thanks, I'll try that.  Amputhu, why did you mention quick entries?  Were you thinking of the bank_import module that supports that?  Does that module work pretty well?


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Don't know....I have 7 years of statements that I need to import and am trying to avoid manual keying.  There are 10 different accounts involved, and there are many account transfers.  Would be great if a bank transaction import supported bank transfers as well....can't quite figure out how to accomplish this in the data imports.


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My bank transactions include transfers between bank accounts.  Is there any way to make this work with Import Transactions?


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Tried to work with the repgen extension included in the 2.4.9 extensions package, but it doesn't work properly.  Can you verify and update?