Topic: Individual Journal Entry date NOT editable after process depreciation

1.  When processing monthly depreciation in Fixed Assets, a Journal Record is created with multiple Journal Dates corresponding to the last day of each month that the depreciation is distributed.

2.  The Event Date and Document Date are NOT editable prior to processing the depreciation, and default to the CURRENT SYSTEM DATE rather than 12/31 of the depreciation year.

3.  If the need arises to edit this Journal entry for ANY reason, there is NO WAY to edit the individual Journal Dates for each month that the depreciation was processed.  When the Journal is updated, ALL of the Journal Dates are changed to the SINGLE Journal date displayed/entered in the SINGLE Journal Date field.

1.  Process a multiple monthly depreciation for a Fixed Asset.
2.  Go to Journal Inquiry in GL Module.
3.  Edit the Journal entry corresponding to the processed depreciation, updating the entry.
4.  Observe results outlined above.

Item 3 in the Description occurs because there is no way in the GL Journal entry to enter different Journal Dates on individual line entries, even though the database design fully supports this.

In order to correct this fully, the GL Journal entry/edit needs to support different Journal Dates line by line, OR the depreciation processed needs to have totally separate Journal Records for EACH MONTH processed.

FYI tried to report via Mantis but got "form security token" error.