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I need help activating POS , step by step, I have tried several ways but it doesn't work for me.

Dear Rafat

I thank you for your cooperation, I have implemented what you indicated and now I feel comfortable, everything is going according to logic.
In fact, I really appreciate your great effort to help, thank you very much.

Today I have upgraded to the latest version,  but unfortunately now after I login it asks me to relogin after clicking any link in the application.

I have tried two internet explorer and the result is same .

How to solve this issue.

Dear Rafat

Thank you for your reply and sorry for the delay

I've seen the page you referenced, but I'm still not sure if my action is correct.

As long as I paid the tax authority, I did the following process:
I have Debited the "Vat Payable account" and Credited the "bank account" with the same paid amount.

If my transaction is correct do I need to do anything with the accounts "Vat Payable account" & "Vat Receivable account" or do I just keep them as is.


I have recently registered for VAT and enabled vat in the system, at the end of the fourth period of the last year 2021 , I have forwarded the amount of 0.725 to the government, based on the following records:
2180   Vat Payable account  = 8.925
1220   Vat receivable Account =8.200

My question is, What is the next step do I need to do in the system to record the payment of the amount  0.725 which is paid from my bank account.

do I need to do any transaction related to the "Vat Payable account and Vat receivable Account " as both accounts still show the above values?

Please advice.

It's cash withdrawn from the business bank account?

So let's assume the following:
1. The company is owned by only one person.
2 . This amount is part of the company's profits to be paid to its owners, as it is he who has financed the company's capital from the beginning.

  How is this amount documented in this case?

Thank you apmuthu

In fact, I don't have an account called Director Current A/C.

Shall I add this account? and if yes , under which group of the following it should be:

Current Assets   
Fixed Assets           
Inventory Assets       
Capital Assets       
Current Liabilities       
Long Term Liabilities       
Share Capital       
Retained Earnings       
Sales Revenue       
Other Revenue       
Payroll Expenses       
General & Administrative expenses       
Cost of Goods Sold

Please note that the withdrawal money doesn't consider as a loan as won't come back to the company, in this scenario is the transaction you suggested will be the right one?

Thank you all for your contributions.

In one of the websites I found that As long as the company has a single owner and the withdrawn amount will reduce the capital amount then I can do the following :

Debit - Cash A/c
Credit - Capital A/c

But will this transaction be reflected on the bank balance by deducting the withdrawn amount?

In all cases, the withdrawal of the amount should not appear in the profit and loss account as a loss.

Sometimes, the owner of the company may withdraw the cash directly from the company for personal use .

Likewise, the company needs to make the owner withdrawal journal entry in order to account for this event.

Can you help me on how to record this event in the journal?

Do I need to add a new account and if yes under which category?

I would suggest securing the system with a CAPTCHA system or a dual authentication system as an option.

Dear Rafat

Thank you for your care.

You are right, it should have worked but I missed one step, I have changed the previous year 2020 fiscal Year to No,  both years 2020 & 2021 are NO, I had to go to the company set up and change the fiscal Year to 2020, then I could remove the previous fiscal year invoice.

Have a nice day.

rafat wrote:

It should work.. What exactly did not work for you? How did you go about it? What is your current fiscal year and in which fiscal year is the invoice? State OS and FA Versions..

Dear apmuthu can you elaborate more

apmuthu wrote:

Pass a voiding equivalent contra Journal Entry in the current fiscal.

Thank you, Rafat

I have already tried this way but it doesn't work for me.

rafat wrote:


Its possible but I don't know what other repercussions this will have. So please use at your own discretion. Maybe other well versed Accountants can advise otherwise. But its very simple:

Setup->Fiscal Years
Edit Pencil
Is Closed NO

Then you can void the invoice and you need to close the year with Is Closed Yes.

Years are closed and opened in chronological order. One cant jump a year to close the other.


How to void a sales invoice from the previous closed fiscal year.
I can see the transaction in the Void a Transaction section but the option Select is marked as N/A.

Please advice.

I don't like self customization because it might cause an issue with future upgrades and in major upgrades, it might replace the file I customized, and then I have to do it again

Thank you for your reply.

Does the system notify me once I add a new invoice for the customer who has credit, or I have to remember that.

Hello, guys.

For example one of my customers has an invoice of $1000 but he prefers to pay the extra amount and keep it in the system for future purchases.

When I register the invoice payment I enter a $3000 instead of $1000, does the system keeps the extra credit in the system and notify me when the customer purchases again that he has credit where I can still the payment from?

Your advice is highly appreciated.

This modification is not required for the version 2.4.9 as its already there

BarCode dev info:

Thank you very much.
This is really useful information

Thank you for your reply

In fact, I don't have a problem with working on the database, I have good experience but I need the database relationship diagram to find out the related tables, in order to change the Item Code using SQL statement.

I think the database designer should have added an independent indexed field for the barcode where it's not a primary key, this way it will be easy even to change the item barcode without effecting the whole table or other tables in the database.

I wanted to use barcode for all of the items in the accounting system. Therefore I have made the following change: In Company Setup I have enabled "Use Barcodes on Stocks"

Now the Item Code field accepts barcode for the new Items only. So how to add a barcode instead of the old Item Code for all of the old items.

Would you please advice?

In items detailed there should be two Item Code fields one for the manufacturer part number which appears on the purchase order and other sales part number that appears on quotations and Invoices, but in front accounting, I can see only one Item Code!

I would suggest you add a field for the Item location reference in the store in the Item table, this will help the despatch employee to find the exact location of the item in the store, especially for spare parts.


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I normally add the salaries as payroll expanse in the Journal Entry, I need to automate the process every month, is there any way to this.