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I normally add the salaries as payroll expanse in the Journal Entry, I need to automate the process every month, is there any way to this.

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Probably you can try the quick entry to make it easier way.  But there is no cron job based activity in FA  as of now.

Can you show me the GL entries, I guess there Is an easier way around in entry itself.

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I tried quick entries as I only have 15 employees to pay them salaries. So its OK but then when you look deeper into Payroll and how complex it gets (even for 15) then QE are not meant for that. QE is limited on the Base amount and other calculations are linked to it.. One cant work on a reduced or increased Base for a second iteration. The Remainder is the end Result..One cant go further after the Remainder.
@notrinos might have some ideas for this question as he is developing an HRM module that includes Payroll..but still too much for a very small employee sized company...
I was thinking of Import Transactions or Import Multiple Journal Entries as I have the data into a spreadsheet.

Ideas are welcomed.

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@rafat  I know this is not a place for this post to be but I hope somebody can give a answer.

I have alter my payment table to add 2 extra column, check_no, source_ref to process my bank payments as all my bank payment require a checks, and cash payment voucher(source_ref). Now when I want to process a payment I get this error below:

What I understand is that the number of data being sent in the database does not correspond to the field required. Would you please tell me where I should add the 2 columns from UI?  I also wanted to put validation to check if a check no is already inserted to refuse duplicates.

Great Thanks!

array_combine(): Both parameters should have an equal number of elements in file: /var/www/html/fms/gl/includes/db/ at line 394DATABASE ERROR : Cannot insert a source bank transaction
error code : 1064
error message : You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 'for computer services, 1, '2021-01-07', '-10500', '0', 'Cedrick ')' at line 2
sql that failed was : INSERT INTO bank_trans (type, trans_no, bank_act, ref,check_no, source_ref, trans_date, amount, person_type_id, person_id) VALUES (1, 130, '3', '001/2021', payment for computer services, 1, '2021-01-07', '-10500', '0', 'Cedrick ')

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Sorry I don't have a clue of what you are talking about. You are very right in stating that this thread is not the place for your new query. You might need to start a new thread.

Maybe someone else in the forum can answer you.

I am confident we  do have good guys who can shed a light on this.. but not clue.