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Thank you very much. We will consider this.



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If the commission is based on an amount beyond a certain minimum, can sales person be set up as follows?

For example: Total amount collected from customer is $5,000 Any amount in excess of $3,000 goes to the salesman as commission. The sales policy gives the salesman the discretion to sell above or below the suggested selling price of $5,000, provided it is not lower than $3,000.

Provision: 0%
Breakpoint: $3,000
Provision 2: 100%


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Thank you Apmuthu for your valuable feedback and tips.

With respect to salvage value I also find it practical not to consider it in computing depreciation. It is an estimate of an amount expected to be realized in the future, and therefore subject to uncertainty and the effect of the time value of money. It's better to fully depreciate based on total cost. If the asset can be sold or exchanged for anything above zero book value in the future, the amount realized can be credited to income. It is more conservative that way.

Thanks again. This clarifies many things and I now understand the flexibility and alternative approaches that can be considered.



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Hello Apmuthu,

Pardon me for asking.

1. Does contra refer to Accumulated Depreciation? What does it mean to "allot the fixed assets as if they were purchased then?"

2. If a transferred asset still has remaining life, how is depreciation expense handled?

3. Does setup in Fixed Assets>Maintenance>Fixed Assets apply to fixed assets from previous years that are part of the beginning balance? Can I follow the first example in the Wiki, or is this something that will be covered in a future Wiki example?

4. How is salvage value handled, and where can I find a setting for this?

I have searched the forums and Wiki and cannot seem to find the clarification I am looking for. I appreciate any enlightenment on the above matters.

Thank you.



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Hello Apmuthu,

I read the Wiki. Is this still the best current solution for consignment items or is there any recent procedure to account for consigned items? In our scenario. When an item is sent out to the customer, it is treated as a consignment. There are other requirements that a customer complies that once completed will trigger the recognition of income. At that point we need to remove the item from consignment and credit it to cost of goods sold.

Thank you for any insight.


anoopmb wrote:

I will upload the new one , and will give you the link here  , by this weekend.

Hi Anoopmb,

Any latest development on this? I will appreciate the Version 2.4.8 files if it is available. Thank you.


anoopmb wrote:


I think Approval System for GL Transactions should work fine here. Refer Forum Post.

So system administrator/Accountant  can review and approve it.

Hi anoobpmb, I just read this thread and I agree. It is possible and often necessary to credit an account with a normal debit balance and vice versa. Your solution is the most ideal, as is the script suggested by kvvaradha and the comments of joe and detkenn.

I look forward to receiving the files for Version 2.4.8 of your Approval System for GL Transactions.



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Okay, thank you for the confirmation.


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I hope you don't mind my ignorance.'

Is it correct to say that an account belongs to a group, and a group belongs to a class? Can we set this up based on what applies to the company, or does FrontAccounting have a required setup? What does it mean that it will "check GL account settings before closing?" What will it check against what? This is still not clear to me. A simple closing entry will debit all income accounts and credit all expense accounts. The difference goes to P & L, which is then transferred to Retained Earnings.

If we just delete all fiscal year tables, will this solve my problem, and can we set up a clean fiscal year?

Thank you so much for your patience.



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Just to confirm, the account class for Retained Earnings should be Liabilities? That is strange. It is an equity account.


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I still don't get it. There are no balances in the fiscal years prior to the current fiscal year. What specific actions should be taken in those prior years when all balances are zero. There's nothing to close or carry forward to the next fiscal year.


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I am getting this message when I close the prior year fiscal year:

The Retained Earnings Account should be a Balance Account or the Profit and Loss Year Account should be an Expense Account (preferred the last one in the Expense Class)

I don't know what this is all about, when the company has just been set up and no prior year transactions.


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I created a new company without any transactions or beginning balances. I noticed there are already three past fiscal years that are still active. Another new company, also without beginning balances or transactions also showed two past fiscal years that are also active. How can different fiscal years appear for a new company that is just set up? How can those past fiscal years without any transactions be closed and deleted?

I would appreciate any guidance and help in configuring fiscal years. Thank you.



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Indeed it was. Thank you for pointing it out.


Thank you very much anoopmb for your quick reply. It's very kind of you. I will await the new file.

Best regards,


anoopmb wrote:


Changed files for FA 2.4.7


Copy the files to root folder and do the software update and Its Done!

NB: github repo not updated

Dear anoopmb,

We want to install this using FA 2.4.8. Is there a recent file for Ver. 2.4.8, or can the same file for 2.4.7 be installed without problem? Are we to expect action buttons for approvers? Changes or addition to permissions?

We sill appreciate your advice in the installation.

Thank you very much.


Is there anybody who has and is using a custom extension for journal entry approval? I would appreciate information on how to get and install the same.

I will appreciate your reply. Thank you.


apmuthu wrote:

Check out contributions from various forum users and their repos / offerings. That will ensure capability to some extent. Ethics, you will have to play by ear and experience in an ongoing support relationship.

Since you want a retainer based consultant to maintain the installation, specify the platform (Windows, Mac or Linux) and the kind of server (apache/IIS/nginx, etc) and PHP/MySQL version familiarity.

To check for interest in assisting you, quote a compensation value affordable to you and any language preferences especially if other than English and any specific accounting knowledge you will need to depend on for operations and understanding. TimeZone issues are on the edges only.

Arm yourself with sufficient FA knowledge so that you can migrate between consultants easily without vendor lockin.

Thank you very much for this expert, professional advice. At the end of the day, it's still let the buyer beware, but your tips above are of great help.


Any new thoughts on this? Is this possible at all? I am also interested to know.

Is it possible to require approval for journal entries before these can be posted?


A newbie question: Is it possible to have inter-dimension transactions, i.e., Due to or From another dimension within the same company?

Thank you.


narayanis wrote:

@amwassil, I found a nonprofit who has been using FA to do fund accounting for a couple of years and we had some good conversations. The basic idea is to let each of your funds be a Dimension 1. If you need projects, they can be Dimension 2 of the fund (for instance a specific grant to track in your Temporarily Restricted fund) Ignore the date fields, and if you ever need to close, merge, or otherwise use up a fund, dimensions can be closed without being deleted.

Hi I am a new user. I see this has been a conversation for some time, and I am glad I found your post. I have suspected that it can be done through dimensions. Has there been any further developments or related discussions? We may have a need for fund accounting. Thanks again.


We seek to engage the services of a reliable expert in all phases of FA for a consultancy engagement on a monthly retainer basis. The scope will involve routine trouble shooting, set-up, and maintenance. Special projects like customization, API integration, will be subject to arrangement and separate proposal to be paid on a per project basis.

How do we vet offers and developers? Are references available? We deal with confidential data and the relationship should be based on trust and high degree of professionalism for a long term relationship. How should we go about this, or is this arrangement even feasible?

Thank you.



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This is interesting. Hopefully someone can spark this topic again, and answer bkgernan. If what he describes can work in FA, the application will be useful for non-profits, associations, schools, charities, and many others.

Anybody from the Philippines, or has tried to get from Philippine tax authorities Permit to Use Computerized Accounting System using Front Accounting? Can you share your your experience? Thanks.