Hi all

This is more a question for research than anything, but I am curious to know what your main operating systems are? I have an idea for an app to make the development of extensions quickly but want to see what people are using first. Also, interested to know your thoughts?

Tried posting in the "Development" section but couldn't unfortunately.



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Apologies. I haven't been available to look into this. Will see if I can spend some time looking into it in the coming weeks.


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Hi all,

I have just tried the solution by @notrinos and this worked perfectly.


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kvvaradha wrote:

Have you implemented HMRC before give it to united kingdom people

Yes this is something I am looking to do, providing there is a UK need for it


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kvvaradha wrote:

The frontaccounting repository doesnt respond some connections from xampp localhost or the remote calls from http based sites.

Try wirh https sites.

I have tried with https in all instances but shared hosting solutions at the moment seem to be an issue.

I then tried to setup a solution on a VPS, and this had no issues. I was able to setup a live, demo and development system pretty easily.

I was looking to use it as a platform to try and get more users from the UK involved (not sure how many there are at the moment?)

Hi @hananah

Did you manage to get your QR request sorted in the end?


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Further research seems to suggest this relates to Apache2 config settings and basic authentication. I have tried installing FA on one web host provider and I cannot, progress past this error message. However, if I install on a VPS LAMP server I setup myself manually, I don't have a problem at all.

I will keep on looking to see if I find out anything else.


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Hello all

Trying to setup a fresh install of version 2.4.11 and I get this message on some setups, but not all. The prechecks all seem to be fine so am unsure as to why it is suddenly happening now. Any ideas?


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Are you viewing FA on a secure site and the images have insecure URLs?

This forum post should be the answer you're looking for:

cedricktshiyoyo wrote:

yeah it may be confusing for sure.

I think you know what I was trying to do recently with bank payments.

1. I have altered bank_trans , added 2 extra fields, check_no & source_ref
2. I have made little changes in gl/gl_bank.php
3. gl/includes/db/gl_db_bank_trans.inc // New code

function add_bank_trans($type, $trans_no, $bank_act, $ref,$check_no, $source_ref, $date_,
    $amount, $person_type_id, $person_id, $currency="", $err_msg="", $rate=0)
    $sqlDate = date2sql($date_);

    // convert $amount to the bank's currency
    if ($currency != "")
        $bank_account_currency = get_bank_account_currency($bank_act);
        if ($rate == 0)
            $to_bank_currency = get_exchange_rate_from_to($currency, $bank_account_currency, $date_);
            $to_bank_currency = 1 / $rate;
        $amount_bank = ($amount / $to_bank_currency);
        $amount_bank = $amount;
    $amount_bank = round2($amount_bank, user_price_dec());   

    $sql = "INSERT INTO ".TB_PREF."bank_trans (type, trans_no, bank_act, ref, check_no, source_ref,
        trans_date, amount, person_type_id, person_id) ";

    $sql .= "VALUES ($type, $trans_no, '$bank_act', ".db_escape($ref).", ".db_escape($check_no).",".db_escape($source_ref).",'$sqlDate',
        ".db_escape($amount_bank).", ".db_escape($person_type_id)
        .", ". db_escape($person_id).")";

    if ($err_msg == "")
        $err_msg = "The bank transaction could not be inserted";

    db_query($sql, $err_msg);

I don't think there is anything wrong with the above from what I can see. Do you know where this is being called from in this instance where you are getting the error message?

I think it is getting confused somewhere. I would need to see the full code (the whole PHP file) in order to try and find an answer for you I think.

This is how it should look:

INSERT INTO bank_trans (type, trans_no, bank_act, ref, check_no, source_ref, trans_date, amount, person_type_id, person_id) VALUES (0, 1406, '5', '126/2021', <check_no>, <source_ref>, '01/28/2021','-45', '<person_type_id>', '<person_id>')

It doesn't look like you have a field for "ETB" to go into?

Also, your date format is wrong. It should be "2021-01-28".

It looks like your SQL is trying to insert "ETB" (string) into the "person_type_id" field (an integer). I think it just needs re-aligning again.


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I think I have found the problem... In the file sql/en_US-new.sql I found the following on line 1366:

`description` varchar(200) NOT NULL DEFAULT '',

As FA 2.4.9 was a new install for me (from scratch), I believe the installer used the above as the basis to work from.

Hope this helps.


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Hi @joe

I have pretty much the same spec as you... Windows 10, Google Chrome, PHP 7.0 (but I then upgraded to 7.4 with no effect), FA 2.4.9.

I have tried this on my live system and a "development" or "test" system I use as well, and both allow me to put in a 54 character string.

Nothing like a challenge smile

@cedricktshiyoyo Sorry for the delay. Glad you managed to get it sorted.


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For myself, I didn't import, I copied and pasted values into the description field.


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kvvaradha wrote:

There are some reasons causing it,
  * po May be completed with grn and missed update the received quantity,
   * p.o. might be in another fiscal year and delivery in another fiscal year
   *  fiscal year might closed
   *  may be the edit permissions closed to operate by the person who created po.

   * may be issue with program or in database data might be corrupted.

Enable debugging mode and find the bugs if anything related to this issue.

Thanks for this.

Ran the debugging mode and managed to fix the issue. All it was, was that the description field for some of the items was apparently too long for the database field.

I would suggest that maybe in the "Items and Inventory" section, when adding an item, the "Description" textbox should have a limited number of characters applied.

Thanks again for your help!


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Hello all,

Can anyone think of any reason why GRN'ing items received on an order wouldn't work?

I go into the order to receive items and select the items to book in, but when I click "Process Receive Items" it doesn't do anything.

I have been able to GRN items on other purchase orders no problem but this particular order is a problem. I can only think I have done something wrong on the order when raising it? Or maybe it's something to do with the supplier?

Any ideas are welcome.

Best Regards



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cedricktshiyoyo wrote:

got you. Will try that. First I got to deal with the validation things with source_ref and check no. in Banking and General Ledger.

I believe with everyone's contributions for different parts of the world, FA will certain be the number Accounting software.


Let me know how you get on. Will keep a look out for any updates


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cedricktshiyoyo wrote:
tom.horton wrote:

To "spell out" the number entered, you could always use this PHP function:

$f = new NumberFormatter("en", NumberFormatter::SPELLOUT);
$f->setTextAttribute(NumberFormatter::DEFAULT_RULESET, "%spellout-numbering-verbose");
echo $f->format($total_amount);

You can see there is the option for the script to pickup a default language as well ("en", NumberFormatter::SPELLOUT) so if FA has the same "standard" letters set as PHP for language settings, it will write the wording in that language.

Hope this helps.

Where do you insert this piece of code? Is it in gl_payment_view.php or somewhere else? I like the idea.

This could be applied in any page where a money value is calculated, but the OP stated the page /gl/view/gl_deposit_view.php

cedricktshiyoyo wrote:

I believe there is already a file for validation check  /includes/data_checks.inc    , isn't it possible to just include the script in that file?

Yes that would be better. I did try looking for the best file lol


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This was in the file:


Line 556 onwards

I think I have this right now...

Firstly, make sure the Ajax libraries are included in your file.

For your main PHP file, you need to have the following javascript/Ajax included:

        function add_source_reference()
                type: "POST",
                data: {
                    source_ref: $('#source_ref').val(),
                url: "gl_validation_checks.php",
                success: function(data)
                    if(data === 'SOURCEREF_EXISTS')
                            .css('color', 'red')
                            .html("This reference already exists");

You need to add an OnExit command to a text field (the "source_ref" field), where this equals "add_source_reference()"

Create a new PHP file called gl_validation_checks.php for example:

    $source_ref = mysql_real_escape_string($_POST['source_ref']);
    $sql = "SELECT source_ref FROM bank_trans WHERE source_ref='".$source_ref."'";
    $query = mysql_query($sql);
    if(mysql_num_rows($query) == 0)

Make sure you include:

<span id="sourceref_res"></span>

Including this will indicate where the message will show if there is a duplicate.

I hope this all makes sense.