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In a custom report, I have requirement of mapping item_code with transactions happened in 0_gl_trans table.
Firstly I found if I could map 0_gl_trans and 0_stock_moves with type & type_no but it not working when there are multiple items under one type_no.

I would be very thankful if somebody could help me with the query which add one column item with 0_gl_trans where transaction is related to the item.


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When I am populating the GL ledger inquiry in the table (grid) for a longer period let's say 30 days, it got timed out. If i take lesser period let's say 7 days it works ok.

I googled alot .. increased max_execution time, also checked couple of other parameters like max input time etc. but problem  still not resolved.

I noticed that command get halts exactly after 10 Seconds each time.  I guess there is a a parameter which is by default set 10 Seconds and need to be increase, but not able to trace that..

Here is the url link where issue arose

Please help.

Hi, we have also similar scenario where, Multiple products are being taken out from single input. e.g we have 100 Ltr of  Raw Milk  from which we take 100 Ltr Tonned milk and 10 KG  Cream.  where standard cost of 100 Ltr milk == Standard cost of 10 KG Cream

Now in this scenario whether it would be ideal to split Raw Milk in 50 Ltr - 50 Ltr  and make 100 ltr of Tonned milk from 50 Ltr Raw Milk ? which sounds quite strange, especially while stock audit if seen separately.

Any way out regarding this?

Reset Document Number (Invoice No, Sale Order No..etc) with new Fiscal Year.

We have requirement to Reset the document number (Sales Invoice  No, Purchase Invoice No, Delivery No etc.) to 1 after settingup new Financial Year.

How we can implement it in FA


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Hi, I couldn't find HSN/SAC code for the products which is must in GST billing.

I tried to substitute it with Item Code, but Item Code is unique and HSN code may be same for two or more items.

Also HSN Code must be printed on invoice as per GST norms


I am new to the Front Accounting (A Wonderful Accounting/ERP SW).

I have requirement of Bulk Supplier Invoices with few custom fields of product attributes.

Actually I would like to implement FA in a Dairy Plant, where Single Product (Milk) is being purchased from many suppliers /Milk Producers and While purchase certain parameters like Milk Reading etc. are being recorded.

I want to upload the the data of Milk Purchase through CSV

Please guide is it good idea or any alternative is there.

Please suggest the sollution