Topic: Command time out

When I am populating the GL ledger inquiry in the table (grid) for a longer period let's say 30 days, it got timed out. If i take lesser period let's say 7 days it works ok.

I googled alot .. increased max_execution time, also checked couple of other parameters like max input time etc. but problem  still not resolved.

I noticed that command get halts exactly after 10 Seconds each time.  I guess there is a a parameter which is by default set 10 Seconds and need to be increase, but not able to trace that..

Here is the url link where issue arose

Please help.

Re: Command time out

Setup => Company Setup => Login Timeout (time in seconds)

Also checkout lines 425-432 of includes/

    Uncomment the setting below when using FA on shared hosting
    to avoid unexpeced session timeouts.
    Make sure this directory exists and is writable!
// ini_set('session.save_path', VARLIB_PATH.'/');

ini_set('session.gc_maxlifetime', 36000); // 10hrs