Topic: Manual Import of Bulk Supplier Invoices


I am new to the Front Accounting (A Wonderful Accounting/ERP SW).

I have requirement of Bulk Supplier Invoices with few custom fields of product attributes.

Actually I would like to implement FA in a Dairy Plant, where Single Product (Milk) is being purchased from many suppliers /Milk Producers and While purchase certain parameters like Milk Reading etc. are being recorded.

I want to upload the the data of Milk Purchase through CSV

Please guide is it good idea or any alternative is there.

Please suggest the sollution

Re: Manual Import of Bulk Supplier Invoices

If you have alternative systems for managing the Milk parameters data then you can export the suppliers invoices into an FA acceptable format with the parameter data in the Item description / memo field.

1. Take a backup in FA.
2. Enter 1 typical purchase invoice.
3. Take another backup in FA.
4. Compare the backups in WinMerge or any diff tool.
5. Create a template of MySQL insert statements to simulate the above transaction.
6. Create an Excel sheet of your Milk procurement data with their parameters and use the above template to generate the MySQL insert statements and run them in any MySQL client like phpMyAdmin / SQLyog.

Alternatively test out the import transactions 2.4.x module in a sandbox to see if it meets your needs.